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    Service Charges

    I have been helping a friend with a long term dispute about service charges

    They never agreed to have a communal aerial fitted on their maisonette and wouldnt pay as her aerial in the loft worked fine and there never before been a communal aerial plus Digital UK said that in this area it was unlikely a new aerial would ne needed once analogue was switched off. . The landlord (a social landlord) strung it out for 6 years before issuing a possession claim and a suspended order was granted. I helped her get leave to appeal and then at the actual appeal before the circuit judge it was decided to remove the suspended possession order but leave the debt intact with liberty to restore the possession proceedings if the 3.60 a week payments are not kept to

    My friend had a property tribunal (what was called the LVT) case started on this service charge which was adjourned awaiting the appeal outcome but the circuit judge at appeal decided the service charge is a fixed (not variable) charge and so now the tribunal will refuse to deal with the case

    I should like advice from anyone as to whether the tenancy wording amounts to fixed or variable

    "We may charge for services on the basis either of reasonable costs incurred during the previous accounting period or of estimates for the current or next accounting period. The difference between any estimate and the actual cost may be carried forward

    It reads to me at least as though it is variable as there is a link between the costs accrued/anticipated and the charge made to the tenant but I should appreciate a view.

    Any ideas ??

    It is a variable charge and you are going to have to appeal as the FTT formerly the LVT cannot override a higher determination. Thats why Judges should not be allowed to deal with matters they clearly know little about. Like the Chancellor of the High Court.

    Of course now you tell them that it is a fixed charge so they cannot vary it and let them appeal the decision. If they take future action the appeal decision will stand over new proceedings, they cannot have it both ways.
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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      It makes you wonder why any freeholder should comply with s20 at all. As you say, it can wait to see if any leaseholder challenges the costs. It does not even need to explain why it did not comply with s20, the only consideration appears to be whether or not the leaseholders suffered any financial prejudice,...
      23-10-2021, 06:34 AM
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      Hi all,

      Long time lurker of this forum and recent new member. Have always found the forum incredibly helpful so thank you! Have now got an issue with our freeholder that I could use some specific advice on (have tried searching for similar posts but to no avail).

      We have recently...
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      Hi Macromia thank you as always for your helpful and sensible input.. one building is saying one thing and another building the other, the usual chinese whispers so I took the bull by the horns and spoke to everyone and I am almost there apart from a Director who wants to do their own thing ( not being...
      22-10-2021, 20:57 PM
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      Hello I would welcome input on the following:
      Two roofs feed into a valley, the valley is in need of repair, this is a shared responsibility and therefore a shared cost. so how do we issue a section 20 notice when really we need the consent and agreement from two different buildings/landlords...
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      Agree thank you...
      22-10-2021, 20:52 PM
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      Not sure if this is the right place for this query but anyway, I'm a first time buyer and have been searching for a property for like two years now (not continuously but on and off and obv covid halted my search for a while). I found a really nice 2 bedroom flat for under £320,000 in a block of around...
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    • Reply to Section 20 notice
      by Macromia
      Assuming that the two freeholders have agreed that they will work together and share the costs, they jointly agree what needs to be communicated to the leaseholders and then each freeholder writes to the leaseholders in their building.
      22-10-2021, 20:16 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder threatening to cut water off
      by Macromia
      This is possibly by far the most important consideration, in my opinion.
      If the OP's lease doesn't allow 'improvements' to be charged to service charges, the freeholder cannot require them to contribute anything towards the costs, and would therefore be something that they would have had no choice...
      22-10-2021, 20:08 PM
    • Freeholder threatening to cut water off
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      I was hoping you would be able to help. We own a ground floor flat LLH(970 yrs remaining). The freeholder owns the house and lets the flat upstairs on an AST.

      The freeholder currently undertaking works including replumbing. We have been on a shared water supply and we connect through their...
      20-10-2021, 15:35 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder/Agent Demanding Money for Repairs
      by Macromia

      Although when my freeholder applied for dispensation a while back (arguing that the proposed work had to be carried out as a matter of urgency) they were granted dispensation with the First Tier Tribunal commenting that the 2013 Supreme Court Case of Daejan versus Benson meant...
      22-10-2021, 19:51 PM