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  • Reply to Notice fee
    by Lawcruncher
    Pretty pointless as if you write and ask for more fees you have effectively acknowledged receipt.

    So the tenant declines to pay you money he has no obligation to pay and by way of revenge you decline to comply with your obligations....
    05-04-2020, 21:37 PM
  • Notice fee
    by Paulsen
    I am remortgaging my flat and the solicitor has sent a letter to the freeholder asking for a notice fee. I have done it directly to the freeholder and not the MA as we both are in dispute with the old MA and are doing a joint complaint. She probably wouldn’t know how much to ask for and I asked my...
    04-04-2020, 15:14 PM
  • Reply to Notice fee
    by Section20z
    In my experience I would simply not receipt the notice till they have paid the fee.
    I have only ever had one hold out - and that was last month when they paid the £3 7s 6d stated in the lease - now they want an extension and wonder why I am uncooperative ........ Karma....
    05-04-2020, 20:46 PM
  • Selling and buying flat -share transfer
    by Stacker
    I understand that a condition of ownership of a flat that the new tenant becomes a member of the company and the old tenant transfers the share.

    Therefore If there are two tenants of a single flat (e.g. husband and wife) then they will own the share jointly.

    I understand that...
    05-04-2020, 19:23 PM
  • Reply to Selling and buying flat -share transfer
    by Section20z
    That will depend entirely on your article of association....
    05-04-2020, 20:39 PM
  • Reply to Notice fee
    by Lawcruncher
    The way to deal with cases where the lease says to pay a reasonable fee not less than £x is send £x. If the solicitor comes back and says his standard fee is £y where y is greater than x, you write back and say that you consider £x to be more than reasonable for the simple task of registering your...
    05-04-2020, 17:58 PM
  • Covid and breach of lease notice from Freeholder?
    by zv2k
    Hi All! I had been renting the second room out in my 2bed 2 bath flat for a while, and then last year decided to rent both out so I could save up for a potential brexit dip to buy a second property. Anyway waiting for Brexit became rather extended. I had been renting one of the rooms (both ensuite)...
    05-04-2020, 04:25 AM
  • Reply to Covid and breach of lease notice from Freeholder?
    by zv2k
    Thanks alot really appreciate it!
    05-04-2020, 15:34 PM
  • Reply to Covid and breach of lease notice from Freeholder?
    by jpkeates
    10a means that you can't let on a room only basis whether you live there or not. Nor is there any mechanism for the lessor to consent to such an arrangement.
    You can't do what you want to do and have been doing.
    Technically the person you are allowing to stay there rent free is probably...
    05-04-2020, 13:53 PM
  • Reply to Covid and breach of lease notice from Freeholder?
    by zv2k
    I've typed out the lease below, if you could please review:

    "Not to:

    10. a. transfer lor assign or underlet or part withor share possession of any part of the property (as distinct from the whole)

    b. Underlet the property otherwise than with the prior...
    05-04-2020, 13:02 PM