abuse of visitor parking spaces

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    abuse of visitor parking spaces

    I am the Director of a RTM company in a block of 7 flats. There are 10 car park spaces, 7 are on long leases (1 per flat) and the other 3 are for visitors.

    We have always had problems with certain residents owning 2 cars, keeping one car parked in the visitor spaces. This has become much worse of late, with 4 residents now owning 2 cars!

    I have been approached by 2 leaseholders asking me to resolve the problem, as their occasional ‘genuine’ guests have nowhere to park. Fortunately, my office is across the road with underground parking, so I am not significantly affected by the problem, but I am keen to get the matter resolved in any case.

    I wrote to all leaseholders so as not to be seen to unfairly target anyone, to remind them that visitors spaces are for visiting guests, and not residents. Had one response from a leaseholder who has been abusing the visitor spaces to say the car is registered to his girlfriend who lives elsewhere (he even enclosed a photocopy of the V5!) and that she happens to visit most days. The other 'guilty' parties have not replied.

    The lease allows the RTM company to issue "reasonable regulations for the visitors spaces in the car park for the benefit of the leaseholders as a whole".
    Can anyone recommend a sensible approach? Or better still; share a copy of their visitor parking regulations?

    The answer is that depending on the wording of the lease on rights to use those spaces*, is introduce a regualtion that restricts parking to visitors for periods of time or duration, and may be subject to penalty which you can then enforce in court if they fail to observe the published rules. A local parking enforcement compaNy can help with this even if it is just to help with notices and signage.

    * This must be checked as this may help and the repeated use might be a breach if the use.

    You could reply that the current use and frequency of parking theirr night and day suggests that she is resident there and the V5 is insufficient to reassure you that she has a home elsewhere.

    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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