Tree/shrubs growing taller and threatening light to first floor flat

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    Tree/shrubs growing taller and threatening light to first floor flat

    A house has been converted into ground and first floor flat.
    The garden is controlled by the ground floor flat.
    The first floor flat has a roof terrace

    The trees and shrubs in the garden are being grown to afford the ground floor occupants as much privacy as possible from the view of the first floor occupants. The plants are being grown close to the walls of the house.

    However, if they continue to grow upward, they will start to restrict sunlight able to reach the bedroom window at the side and roof terrace of the first floor flat.

    If the ground floor folks are uncooperative at some future time in restricting height of these trees/shrubs, would there need to be words in the lease specific to trees/ plants to that effect? Or could this come under "to not cause a nuisance"? Or is their an implied right/common law to light when occupying the same building?
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