Section 20 notice for Major Works - completed in 2010....still waiting for a bill

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    Section 20 notice for Major Works - completed in 2010....still waiting for a bill

    I'm quite new to all this - so bear with me.

    I am the leaseholder of an old council flat and was served with a Section 20 notice some years ago for major works. So far so good.

    The works started in 2010. Half way through (without serving as Section 20) the Council decided to do work to the roof and said that there was no time to serve a Section 20 - but that the work was going to cost more than £250.

    Nearly 3 years later, I still haven't had the bill - the work wasn't completed properly and despite reporting it at the time, nothing has been done to rectify.

    I'm also about to sell my flat, and although I have saved up enough money to pay the outstanding bill, I do wonder how long it should take for a bill to come! I've been chasing it for over a year and getting nowhere. It's not like I WANT to pay it, but it's a bit stupid now!

    Any advice?

    You can safely answer the buyers questions as follows.

    Are there any unpaid bills / service charges/ or outstanding payments.
    Ans = No.
    ( If you have no bill, there is nothing to pay )

    Are there any works that are being / have been carried out
    that may need a contribution from the leaseholder.
    Ans = no
    (You have no bill, you have had no bill for 3 years, assume no
    bill will arrive )

    NOTE. An S20 only advises that works will cost a leaseholder
    more than £ 250.
    You don't always get a bill for that S20.

    Here we have a few S20's, but the money comes out of the
    service account, and no invoices issued, as it's all in the
    agreed service charges.



      Alas - my service charges don't seem to work that way.

      I know that my % of the bill for the works is going to be about £15,000 but I'd a) really like to know EXACTLY how much it is going to be, b) when I can expect a bill and c) how long they can legally take to issue it.

      Also - as they didn't issue a Section 20 for the majority of the most costly work (which was to the roof of the block) claiming that they didn't have time to issue one (!!), does that mean that I could refuse to pay more than £250?

      I will never, EVER be a leaseholder again - it's too much of a headache!


        Yes its a complicated one. Its hard to say whether its due or not as in this case you need to see what they did exactly.

        As you have the money put it on depsoit and wait till the council makes a claim.

        As to charges outstanding reply that you have paid all sums invoiced to you and the purchaser should make enquiries of the landlord and leave it at that.
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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