Freeholder charges to re-paint the external part of house

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    Freeholder charges to re-paint the external part of house

    Every 5 years the freeholder arranges for the house to be re-decorated. The house is divided into 2 flats, I live downstairs and the freeholder rents out upstairs.

    The last time the freeholder put forward a very hefty price to re-decorate the house of which I had to pay half. I challenged this price and put forward that I would get 3 quotes from professional painting companies and see how they compare with his price.

    All my quotes to paint the house were half the freeholders price. He claimed he new the quality of his painters work and the work would be first class - so I let him do the painting. When it came to supplying the bill, there were issues with splitting the internal paintwork he had done from the external work.

    It's coming around to that time again and I would like to know where I stand on this. Can I enforce that 3 quotes are taken from local professional painters to compare with the freeholders price. If the quotes turn outto be it alot cheaper, am I legally bound to accept the freeholders price.

    I look forward to your reply,


    This is exactly what the S20 Consultation process is for !

    If the works will cost more than £250 per LH, then the FH must follow the strict S20 process which enables you to nominate altertnative contractors, and ask for your views, in theory he can then ignore these, but he'd best have a good reason should you later challange it.

    Advice given is based on my experience representing myself as a leaseholder both in the County Court and at Leasehold Valuation Tribunals.

    I do not accept any liability to you in relation to the advice given.

    It is always recommended you seek further advice from a solicitor or legal expert.

    Always read your lease first, it is the legally binding contract between leaseholder and freeholder.


      Thank-you very much andydd.


        If he doesnt use the S20 process keep quiet and then have it capped at £250.

        Otherwise when he serves the notice of intention agree the spec, agree what repairs are required and where, the type of paints to be used the access required ladders scaffold etc and nominate painters of suitable experience with references and insurance to do the work to that spec. Agree to have the prices sent sealed to your local Vicar for independence.

        Try this

        While you cant force him to do the above his refusal to do so goes against him when you challenge the works cost and performance. Just be very very careful about your painter selection and who will do the work, him a team and not some bloke he hires off the 767 from eastern europe !
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


          It would be nice to know what your lease says on the matter?

          Oh and the new pope seems a sensible sort of chap...why not try him instead of your vicar.


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