New leaseholder, management company refund - who does it go to?

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    New leaseholder, management company refund - who does it go to?

    When I purchased my leasehold flat, it came with a substantial unpaid debt by previous leaseholders. Naturally, as part of the purchase, the debt was paid off on exchange so that I wouldn't "inherit" it.

    The management company is being changed, and as part of the change, they are refunding any money paid into maintenance funds etc. that has not been spent. In the order of £1,000 to £2,000 per flat.

    As a new leaseholder, do I inherit the money owed back to the flat in the same way I would have inherited the debt, or is this money to be paid back to previous leaseholder?

    Its normally repaid to the current leaseholder. Has your conveyancing solicitor registered you as the new leaseholder?


      I suspect that it is the end of year accounts where there is a surplus and your contract of sale allows for the refund of such surplus to the old vendor ( or a share of it) Contact your solicitor.

      Change of agents is irrelevant all monies are held on trust and in effect all that changes is the control of the bank account.
      They are likley simply doing what they should do.

      A less scrupulous owner might take the money ( if it's not just a credit on your account) and put in an interest bearing account and wait to see if the vendor comes looking for it, though the honest thing to do is check your purchase papers to see what provision if any was made.

      If its not your'll never get to heaven...
      Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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      • Reply to S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
        by Flatman78
        Thanks Gordon999

        You can see from above reply to Macromia that's your comment wouldn't be relevant to me. there is no managing agent. It's just me (FH) and LH in upstairs flat.
        Thanks for taking time to reply though....
        23-05-2022, 20:29 PM
      • S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
        by Flatman78
        Hi LZ Community

        Just wondering if anyone's had/having any issues with S20 and allowing leaseholder 30 days to review estimates, raise concerns etc.

        Building material prices have fluctuated massively since covid and brexit.
        with a combination of Brexit, impact from russia/ukraine...
        23-05-2022, 14:42 PM
      • Reply to S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
        by Flatman78
        Thanks Macromia, I'm hoping not to have to request quotes to include extra 'contingency' as I know some building materials literally jumped by up to 80% pretty much overnight and so I / we could end up paying a hell of a lot more than we have to go with a 'protective' quote.

        It's only me...
        23-05-2022, 20:27 PM
      • Reply to RTM Hand Over Issues
        by ash72
        You could sue the other company for the money owed.
        23-05-2022, 19:48 PM
      • RTM Hand Over Issues
        by martin15
        RTM handing over issues

        Our RTM companies comprise 4 blocks of 6 identical two bedroom flats and each block is registered at Companies House as a separate company.
        Following the acquisition date, it was discovered the former directors ignored legal advice and changed property management companies...
        23-05-2022, 19:36 PM
      • Reply to RTM Hand Over Issues
        by Hudson01
        I am clearly no expert but i think this statement from the all knowing WWW appears to fit the bill for what has happened to you.................

        '' Fraud can be broadly defined as the deliberate use of deception or dishonesty to disadvantage or cause loss (usually financial) to another...
        23-05-2022, 19:48 PM
      • Reply to Old managing agents accounts
        by Gordon999
        You could show the last service charge demanded by previous managing agent . There should be a final summary of the service charge show the unspent funds.
        23-05-2022, 18:26 PM
      • Old managing agents accounts
        by jazzythumper
        Since obtaining the RTM and changing the managing agent, we have never been given full accounts / receipts for the previous year(s). We believe that as the old freeholder and leaser holder of one of the flats were represented by the same solicitor that prior to the sale of the freehold, we were subsidising...
        20-05-2022, 11:21 AM
      • Building works & S20 process
        by RichA
        Hi. I have a freehold after selling a leasehold flat in a block of 4 flats. We don't currently have a managing agent, so these duties currently fall to me (I am holding off appointing a managing agent whilst the leaseholders consider whether they want to RTM).

        The block needs some maintenance...
        21-05-2022, 17:20 PM
      • Reply to Building works & S20 process
        by Macromia
        Good questions.
        The fact that the cost of work means that Section 20 consultation is required doesn't necessarily mean that it is major work that will require a project manager and, although most leases will contain clauses that allow the cost of project management to be recovered from leaseholders,...
        23-05-2022, 18:23 PM