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    Originally posted by midlandslandlord View Post

    What is stopping me parking on a random private drive in the London suburbs, and taking the Underground to the Centre, if I am willing to ignore the householder?

    As long as the householder is a law abiding citizen, that checks the legal situation before acting.

    Of course you might park on the driveway of the local headcase, who interprets the law slightly differently!


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    • Excessive Communual repair works - New Landlord
      Hi There,

      I'm hoping you can help. First time posting but getting desperate. I'm a part owner of 3 flats out of 4 that are situated above a takeaway in a building. Recently we have a new landlord who has paid to have a fire safety check completed and also an assessment of the external...
      21-08-2017, 12:26 PM
    • Ground rent rpi base

      Hopefully an easy question but does anyone know if when the ground rent is rpi linked is it from when the leasehold was set up or when you purchased the property. I.e if leasehold was set up in dec 12 but the property was purchased in Sept 13 is the base from dec12 or Sept 13?...
      20-08-2017, 08:48 AM
    • Reply to Ground rent rpi base
      Thanks for the above . V useful knowledge there
      21-08-2017, 07:42 AM
    • Clarification on lease and recovering costs
      Please can someone clarify the meaning of this section of the lease;

      "to indemnify the landlords against all costs charges and expenses (including legal costs and fees payable to any surveyor) which may be incurred or be borne by the landlords
      (a) in or in contemplation of any...
      20-08-2017, 11:45 AM
    • Reply to Clarification on lease and recovering costs
      We are due to attend the FTT on the breach of covenant so if they deem the breach to have occurred then I am thinking (b) could apply. In any event I think (c) would apply as the costs have been incurred in pursuing the leaseholder to remedy the breach and repair the property back to it's original state....
      20-08-2017, 20:37 PM
    • Reply to Ground rent rpi base
      The 1993 Act did not regard ground rents of little signicance - the full value had to be reflected in the valuation

      by having a nil ground rent it was deigned to make it a complete formality for a lender to agree to the deed, originally it was intended that mortgagees consent would not...
      20-08-2017, 15:31 PM
    • Reply to Clarification on lease and recovering costs
      Yes generally accepting the lease as continuing (by demanding and accepting rent/services charges) means you have waived any right to forfeit and so any right to costs, Im really not sure what b) and c) mean, a|) is the standard clause in most leases, Im not sure b) or c) cover breach of a covenant...
      20-08-2017, 14:16 PM
    • Reply to Ground rent rpi base
      "Two properties exactly the same one with a ground rent of a peppercorn and the other with a rent of £250 per annum will attract two differing sale prices. The one with a ground rent will clearly sell for less and the discount in the price is in effect a loan and the interest on that loan is in...
      20-08-2017, 13:39 PM
    • Reply to Ground rent rpi base
      Rents linked to the RPI protects both the landlord and the tenant. From the landlords perspective it protects the rent from the adverse effects of inflation and from the Tenants point of view protects them from the consequences of the estimate of future inflation being wrong. For example if inflation...
      20-08-2017, 11:53 AM
    • Reply to Ground rent rpi base
      I ran some capitalisations assuming an original 99 year lease worth £100K when new with 79 years term left to run using the following variables:-

      Increment rate (years): 15, 20, 25, 33
      Method: RPI% @ 2.5%,3.5%,4.5% versus fixed doubling
      Initial amounts: £100, £150, £200,...
      20-08-2017, 11:08 AM