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    Originally posted by leaseholdanswers View Post
    But my answer, quoted, was in response to a differer question, no this one....

    RD value to a landlord, though minimal in this case it seems, affects a negotiated surrender, the landlord gets his sticky mits on the site much sooner. He would likely pay a premium for that.
    Perhaps I got lost in the threading, but I thought that you were responding to me when I asked (something like):

    "Why would the RD value to the FH be worth more than the current value to a new buyer who can afford to buy the FH".

    And I still don't see the relevance of the 50 year extension to this question - because the new buyer is not going to take the 50 year extension he's going to exercise his rights to buy the FH (albeit after a 2 year wait)



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      its a good question. There are a number of reasons based on the nature of the buyer, hope value, marriage value (not in the FH/LH) sense, finance and transactional costs,and the different valuations between an open market sale and enfranchisement.Opportunity cost in the yields also factor in.

      In any given situation they might be the same or more advantageous to another buyer. That's why its important to have a valuation done so as to assess the position on any particular house. You might even come across restrictions on the house for development which the freeholder might not enforce on themselves, but a new freeholder might still be bound by as a restrictive covenant.
      Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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        The block has three more flats than garages. Is there a way I can check this out?...
        22-07-2017, 21:07 PM
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        Hi, We have two dozen flats and only four garages. The garages are not owned by the flats numbered on the lease plans for those places. All leases include a car parking space in the demise, except the four with a garage who have this over-typed and the car space crossed out. Not even initialled as...
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      • Reply to How can I confirm if garages have been sold that once came with a flat?
        Buy the deeds & plan of each flat from land registry
        22-07-2017, 21:50 PM
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      • Reply to leaking roof in a leasehold flat
        An agent should be communicating any relevant information to their principal. If the freeholder gets into trouble because the agent doesn't tell them something, they should sue the agent!

        Section 7.8 of the RICS Code says the freeholder should be told immediately of any arrears.
        22-07-2017, 19:55 PM
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      • Reply to Directors AND Officers of leasehold run companies?
        Thank you for your reply - much appreciated.
        22-07-2017, 15:33 PM
      • Reply to leaking roof in a leasehold flat
        I can see what you are saying but this basically gives the freeholder more time to deal with this because they will claim that they weren't aware of this issue. The set up in my case looks strange to me but maybe it's common. Basically one of the directors of the investments company (= freeholder) is...
        22-07-2017, 13:57 PM
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        One point that maybe ought to be made is that the RICS guidelines, http://www.rics.org/Global/Service_c...ition_2016.pdf, which are given a status similar to that of the Highway Code, in legislation, say that managing agents should never let the service...
        22-07-2017, 13:21 PM
      • Reply to leaking roof in a leasehold flat
        I've already been back to CAB they told me there was nothing else they could do for me.They told me to get a solicitor. After reading some horror stories about freeholders I'm also worried about the issue of their legal fees being charged back to me on top of my own!...
        22-07-2017, 12:19 PM