Share of Freehold, tennents share equal shares in management company

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    Originally posted by nicole View Post
    Thanks that was very interesting. thanks RAM
    My pleasure, but ......................

    The Fire brigade don't do quotes.

    Fire and safety risk assessment should not cost more than £250,
    but most try to sting you with £450 because they do a "firms"
    assessment, which is what the assesment was designed for,
    "A Business", and not a house of flats which is NOT a workplace.

    The fire brigade are not the ones to do an assessment ! they look
    only at "fire" and not safety, "handrails, steps, electrical, state of
    walls ( garden), potholed driveway, etc etc.

    As i said, you have to know more than mr. bully. to make sure he does
    thing right.

    So , I seem to remember baby ? on way, new house on way, personal
    minor problems, so yes , go take a break.

    And I suggest as this post got to 77 /78, you start a new thread for your
    next questions, as it's easy to then follow 1 item at a time.



      Share of Freehold, tennents share equal shares in management company

      Hi guys,
      I have posted before regrding our block of 5 flats, the 5 owners own an equal share in the management company. The director (one flat owner and equal shareholder), who thinks he owns the block and bullies and bosses everyone about has caused problems before and we thought we resolved this by calling an EGM (as we have never had an AGM) and voted in another director. we rent our flat out as does the other director we recently appointed.
      My question is: I have recently receieved a letter from the bully director and he calls himself the chairman of our management company now, and I was just wondering:

      a. what this means
      b. can he appoint himself this role

      I know in the past he has appointed a secretary without consulting us, but really he likes t do the books himself (so he is accountable to no one) so he has taken this back!


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            Thought it was too confusing to merge all of this? just wondered if people knew answers re latest post? thanks


              It’s the weekend, the forums are typically quiet at weekends. Merging threads does not confuse the regular members, and 95% of threads are merged at the request of forum members.
              I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


                Appointment as a Chair is a leadership position agreed between the directors. As the person actively involved and the only one in that position at the building, when as you say, many are disinterested, give the dog his the bone. Your role is one of keeping him in check.
                Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


                  He is calling a meeting (not that he has ever called a meeting in the 8 years we have been there) about something I said to him. He has still been throwing out my tennants pushchair on the street, when she has had no alternative but to take her baby upstairs to feed her...

                  on coming back down the buggy was thrown on the street, despite all owners (and Mr Bully) agreeing that she may have a few minutes grace to put the buggy away should she need to sort out her baby's needs first! she has only left it out 4 or 5 times, which 4 of these he has chucked it out on the street. It was assessed in the fire risk assessment left out and it was recorded that it was not a fire risk hazard and it not contravene with any safety or other aspect of this.

                  I have called the police who have been trying to see him to inform him that he has no right to throw out other peoples property in the street, risking criminal damage and theft. So he puts up a letter from a solicitors to say anything left in the communal areas with be removed by the directors of the management company as it contravenes with a fire risk assessment (which it DID NOT it fell within the allowance of a fire risk assessment as we put it in the hall (guarded by person) at the time (much to his annoyance!!!) He has many items of HIS furniture and plants that no one else has an issue but if he is demanding removal of everything than surely his furniture in the communal areas would fall under this remit?(not that we have a problem with these)

                  Anyway I told him via text (prob not a good idea) "that if he continues to harrass my T resulting in them leaving, whom chose with careful consideration, as I had applications from nigerian DJ's and people with social problems.. I chose my surrent T's as they are such nice, decent people, I dont think I would be that considerate again as you obviously have no consideration of others"

                  So he has sent a letter to all owners in the block reproducing my text, and said he will be calling a meeting with all shareholders as this has implications for all of them!

                  He has never had an AGM and at present I think he is director (or newly self promoted chairman) what ever that means! and secretary. There is one other director (who is a bit laid back) who we appointed who has since moved out and lets to a T.

                  No one else had a problem with what we ALL agreed at the EGM that there may be very occaisional short periods when my T has to prioritise feeding her newborn over putting the buggy away, but when face to face with him they dare not speak out!

                  Whats my bes way forward please? or nothing?!!


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                  • Reply to S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
                    by Flatman78
                    Thanks Gordon999

                    You can see from above reply to Macromia that's your comment wouldn't be relevant to me. there is no managing agent. It's just me (FH) and LH in upstairs flat.
                    Thanks for taking time to reply though....
                    23-05-2022, 20:29 PM
                  • S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
                    by Flatman78
                    Hi LZ Community

                    Just wondering if anyone's had/having any issues with S20 and allowing leaseholder 30 days to review estimates, raise concerns etc.

                    Building material prices have fluctuated massively since covid and brexit.
                    with a combination of Brexit, impact from russia/ukraine...
                    23-05-2022, 14:42 PM
                  • Reply to S20 - Quotes not valid for long enough for 30 day consult
                    by Flatman78
                    Thanks Macromia, I'm hoping not to have to request quotes to include extra 'contingency' as I know some building materials literally jumped by up to 80% pretty much overnight and so I / we could end up paying a hell of a lot more than we have to go with a 'protective' quote.

                    It's only me...
                    23-05-2022, 20:27 PM
                  • RTM Hand Over Issues
                    by martin15
                    RTM handing over issues

                    Our RTM companies comprise 4 blocks of 6 identical two bedroom flats and each block is registered at Companies House as a separate company.
                    Following the acquisition date, it was discovered the former directors ignored legal advice and changed property management companies...
                    23-05-2022, 19:36 PM
                  • Reply to RTM Hand Over Issues
                    by ash72
                    You could sue the other company for the money owed.
                    23-05-2022, 19:48 PM
                  • Reply to RTM Hand Over Issues
                    by Hudson01
                    I am clearly no expert but i think this statement from the all knowing WWW appears to fit the bill for what has happened to you.................

                    '' Fraud can be broadly defined as the deliberate use of deception or dishonesty to disadvantage or cause loss (usually financial) to another...
                    23-05-2022, 19:48 PM
                  • Reply to Old managing agents accounts
                    by Gordon999
                    You could show the last service charge demanded by previous managing agent . There should be a final summary of the service charge show the unspent funds.
                    23-05-2022, 18:26 PM
                  • Old managing agents accounts
                    by jazzythumper
                    Since obtaining the RTM and changing the managing agent, we have never been given full accounts / receipts for the previous year(s). We believe that as the old freeholder and leaser holder of one of the flats were represented by the same solicitor that prior to the sale of the freehold, we were subsidising...
                    20-05-2022, 11:21 AM
                  • Reply to Building works & S20 process
                    by Macromia
                    Good questions.
                    The fact that the cost of work means that Section 20 consultation is required doesn't necessarily mean that it is major work that will require a project manager and, although most leases will contain clauses that allow the cost of project management to be recovered from leaseholders,...
                    23-05-2022, 18:23 PM
                  • Building works & S20 process
                    by RichA
                    Hi. I have a freehold after selling a leasehold flat in a block of 4 flats. We don't currently have a managing agent, so these duties currently fall to me (I am holding off appointing a managing agent whilst the leaseholders consider whether they want to RTM).

                    The block needs some maintenance...
                    21-05-2022, 17:20 PM