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    Section 20 questions

    Hi All, I don't know if this is in the correct section, but hope some of you may be able to help me a little.
    I am required to pay £3620 for some external works to our block of flats and have was issued a section 20 accordingly on the 28th February. This notice requires the moneys to be paid by tomorrow. Ever since this point the managing agent has been saying we will have a finalisation meeting so we know exactly what is being done etc, but this has not happened. We chased early last week and were told at minimum the meeting would be booked by the time we have to pay; also not happened.
    I want to know more about terms regarding section 20's as I don't feel our managing agent is being honest and am so uneasy about paying him this money. He is still investigating alternate options to what he has costed. Also when he initially costed the property over 18 months ago it was significantly cheaper than what it is now. It led us to become suspicious and gain our own scaffold price which was over £2000 cheaper. He agreed to use that company, but didn't take the equivalant amount of the cost/flat and the secion 20 that came out subsequently was at the original price. My other issue is in February 2010 we increased our service charge by £5.56/flat/month in order to offset the managing agent charge. He has not accounted for this in the quotations so I have a suspicion that he has taken this money (as was intended) but he is double charging it. This equates to just shy of £1,800 in total across all 19 properties.
    Do I have an angle to not pay the fees until we have clarification or will he just go straight to my mortgage lender etc? I have the money, however am so reluctant to pay it to him; I am convinced he is up to something...
    Thank you.

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