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    Proof of Purchase


    My Freeholder has cut up and sold part of the lease to another company recently.

    It has now come to our attention the other company is also owned by the same freeholder, he has let slip that no psychical money actually exchanged.

    Can anyone advise as we have subsequently been told if we can prove (how I don't know!) the exchange has happened with no psychical money changing hands that we could compel the sale to us for nothing as it was technically not sold for anything.

    Any help would be great, if you require further explanation please ask


    Would this transaction not be present on the Land Registry if its Purchased and Sold?

    Its free to search but costs for the title -


      Thanks for the quick reply.

      We have had notification from land registry and it says the stated amount that was paid but the land registry don't get involved in checking whether the money was actually exchanged.

      I checked Companies house and both companies are less than a year old so don't have to file accounts for a while.


        If he has
        cut up and sold part of the leasesold
        then there is no right to first refusal. That only applies to a disposal of the freehold or part of it.
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


          1. Buy a copy of the freehold title for your address from Land Registry online and check if the freehold title was sold after the date of purchase of your flat.

          2. The free guide on "Right of first refusal" can be downloaded from


            But if the transfer was of a lease then there is no Right to First Refusal and therefore why should you even be offered the land? If they have sold part of the freehold then you may have a claim.


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              by vmart
              The only insurances that are legally required in the UK are Employers' Liability; and motor insurance.

              I suggest you write to the landlord again following up on your previous letter and notifying them of the leak. Depending upon the cause of the leak it may be covered by buildings' insurance....
              16-01-2022, 22:03 PM
            • Isn't there any obligation to be insured?
              by Sarah17
              Hi All,
              I recently bought a flat and learned since that the flat above is a regulated tenancy. The current tenant has moved in 1972. The flat is in a very shabby state, and I am worried about it (safety concerns, fire risk...etc). I wrote to the landlord and didn't receive any answer yet. A few...
              16-01-2022, 17:57 PM
            • Reply to Demised Roof Terrace - landlord permission
              by Gordon999
              You should consider buying the freehold and become the landlord.

              If the sun awning is portable and free standing, you are not making any alteration or addition to the building. . .
              16-01-2022, 21:19 PM
            • Demised Roof Terrace - landlord permission
              by pmorton
              We have a roof terrace, demised to us in the lease, on which I wish to place a freestanding rectangular sun awning. There is no structural problem, it is self supporting and weighted appropriately against wind and we have planning permission. The landlord says it is forbidden under a clause in the lease...
              13-01-2022, 19:18 PM
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              by sgclacy
              If a draft lease is presented to the proposed grantee and there is an initial rent of say £350 per annum then I fail to see why, notwithstanding that it is greater than 0.1% that this should be interfered with, Neither should clauses that seek to keep its purchasing power the same during the term be...
              16-01-2022, 20:56 PM
            • New Government proposals re leasehold reform
              by perigee
              I see that there are proposals to simplify the extension/enfranchisement procedures and reduce the costs for lessees, including abolishing marriage values. I appreciate that these are early days but is there any guidance from professionals acting for landlords - as distinct from lessees - on these...
              12-01-2022, 17:53 PM
            • Reply to Isn't there any obligation to be insured?
              by scot22
              We had a leak and owner not insured. Fortunately did the honourable think and paid costs.
              Insurance for flats can be difficult. Ours excludes water damage except by storm etc.
              If you can prove negligence I would make a claim on small claims. Obviously ask them to pay before legal route....
              16-01-2022, 19:56 PM
            • Reply to New Government proposals re leasehold reform
              by Sussex818
              The proposition is that all new lease extensions will be 990 years after reform and there will also be a standardized calculator to work out the cost of a lease extension which will make it much simpler and hopefully swerve the huge legal bills which leaseholders have to pay for a statuatory lease ...
              16-01-2022, 19:00 PM
            • Reply to Service charge arrears
              by lampshade
              I have never seen anything that would suggest anything other than a total lack of funding, due to extra willy nilly inspections and the like that this new MA keeps carrying out, but no work actually being done.
              16-01-2022, 16:03 PM
            • Reply to Section 20 costs
              by lampshade
              Thnks. One of the biggest issues in my mind is that we are not party to the management contract between the FH and this new company. The Freeholder too the Managing away from the company that had done it since the flats were new and gave it, to themselves (120 miles away) they were pretty useless,
              16-01-2022, 16:00 PM