Registering extended Lease with Land Registry- how long?

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  • Registering extended Lease with Land Registry- how long?


    Some weeks ago I completed on extending the Long Term Leasehold of my flat by 90 years (at considerable expense!). The only thing pending was registering the new deed at the Land Registry.

    Completely separate from this, I was due to complete on a remortgage today with HSBC.
    I was called this morning by HSBC's solicitor's stating that they cannot complete.
    O'Neills explained that an application has been lodged by another firm of solicitors at the Land Registry and until the application is complete at the Land Registry, my remortgage cannot complete.

    The main concern is that my remortgage offer will expire and my good tracker rate will disappear out the window.

    Does anyone else know how long it takes for an application at the Land Registry to be registered?

    Hope this is clear!

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