Absent freeholder: Loft conversion

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    Absent freeholder: Loft conversion


    I'm hoping someone can help me with my query regarding our neighbour carrying out a loft conversion.

    We have a 999yr lease on our Gf Masonette. The only other flat in the property is the FF who are wanting to carry out a loft conversion in 2 weeks time (they have already been granted planning permision). We have an absent freeholder and have been indemnified for this on purchase.

    Please can someone help me to know:-

    1) would the FF need our permission to go ahead with the conversion? The loft space and roof is demised to FF.

    2) As the FF is proceeding without the Freeholders permission, does this have an impact on our flat?

    3)Although FF will need building reg sign off, how do we know they are carrying out changes with the best interest of the building and that will have no impact on us?

    4) FF have said we do not need a party wall agreement however I disagree as is our ceiling not a party structure and therefore covered by the act? I'm worried that should a crack appear and affect our property, we will have nothing to cover us?

    5) Is the FF allowed to just say she is starting in 2 weeks time?

    6)Scaffolding will be on our land. Surely she needs our permision?

    I would aprpeciate your help. I want to be amicable with our neigbour so would appreciate as much guidance as possible.


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