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    Roof repairs demand legal?

    The roof being in need of replacement myself and fellow lessees[4] got quotes, specifications and an apparently excellent company all set up to do the work which we then informed the freeholders agent of. However the freeholders agent are now putting forward another company which is connected to them, not a member of roofing federation, has never tackled a job of the size [nor apparently as it's turnover for the last reported year was £16k any re-roofing at all] and is now actually recorded at Companies House as being non-trading. Not surprisingly the quote is just under the legitimate companies one. The roof does need doing, but not by these cowboys.
    Are there good legal grounds for refusing the demand to pay?
    How best to contest this?

    Unless you achieve a legal or contractual right or consent to carry out works to the landlords premise, the roof work is trespass and you could be liable for considerable damages. In simple terms it is therefore not your roof to replace.

    Doing this as a group can have problems with liability for defects for the freeholder and you as residents and a future flat buyer. The terms of warranties are not as comprehensive as sold and are often limited to the original parties and not a new flat owner, and in the case of negligence you could be sued several years after having sold up and left. If the roof collapses the four of you are directly liable not the contractor, you then have to sue them.

    So it is for the freeholder to do under the lease and they can sect their contractor as long as there are at least two estimate for the work as part of the statutory consultation'

    At present neither you nor the freeholder can proceed, and your agent should know better as this explains.

    Your main options are

    1: They end to do the consultation, then have it requoted, and if they insist on using their chap, then take it to the LVT to determine independently.

    2: Or as four flats exercise the no fualt right to manage and arrange it,and everything else yourselves.
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


      Very helpful comments - thank-you!


        You don't say whether or not the agent is undertaking s20 consultation? If they are, all 4 of you should raise your concerns and say that you'd rather your contractor did the work. If they ignore you and it all goes pear shaped you can then tell them you told them so, and you will have a better argument against any resulting extra costs being charged as service charges.


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          The reason I ask is, that I wonder if you could just put the flats in an auction as they are without paying the freeholder further ridiculous sums? Maybe someone else here knows. Then the auction buyer can take over the problem.
          16-01-2018, 17:51 PM
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          Im not sure of the order in which it works. The freeholder is drawing up the leases. In September there was communication and we'd confirmed which parking spaces belonged to the flat and which ones we'd like with each. The had then confirmed with land registry.
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          I finally get it. Thank you....
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          Only to the extent that they told you that would, eventually, be billed, within the 18 month limit.

          There are two limits here: there is a statute of limitation on debts relating to contracts made by deeds (12 years) and there a limit in which service charge payers must be made aware of...
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          In my case, we live in the same building, so no trouble locating me.

          So, I understand then, that the freeholder has up to 12 years to retrospectively serve the SC demands. In which case, I better open a separate bank account and put money by for this.
          16-01-2018, 14:51 PM
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          The situation with ground rent used to be that you had to pay it, whether demanded or not, so there was a scam, whereby freeholders let it lapse and then made big charges to remedy the situation. Legislation was introduced to counter this, with the result that, unless ground rent is demanded, and that...
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