Selling a freehold separately to one of the leases

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    Selling a freehold separately to one of the leases

    Ladies and Gents,

    I wonder if you can help me.

    I own the freehold on a converted building which is split into two flats. I also own and occupy the ground floor flat. I am considering selling my flat and am wondering what the best thing to do is with the freehold.

    The upstairs flat has only 58 years remaining on the lease, so the extension should be worth something if and when it comes up. On the downside it has an assured tenant (moved in mid 90s but was not served notice that it was an assured shorthold tenancy), and is in a poor state of repair.

    The owner of the upstairs flat has no interest in owning a share of the leasehold (or in maintaining the property beyond the bare minimum).

    As I see it, my options are:

    1. Sell my flat with the freehold
    2. Sell my flat and keep the freehold
    3. Attempt to sell the freehold separately to the flat.

    Any advice would be gratefully received, especially on option 3, as I don't know how one would go about selling a freehold separately.



    Any ideas from anyone?


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