Buying a Leasehold from a Charity

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  • Buying a Leasehold from a Charity


    I am looking to buy a long Leasehold (over 100 years) where the leaseholder is a charity - there are two other flats and one commercial unit in the building and all are let on long similar leases

    Would you see any problem extendig the leasehold ? buying the freehold ? how can i check exactly the status of my freeholder as I beleive it is a charity but not a charitable housing trust?

    Many thanks

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    pls read where the freeholder is a charity


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      You have the statutory right to seek a 90 year extension after being a leaseholder for 2 years.

      The right to collective enfranchisement ( buying the freehold) depends on floor area of the commercial unit. Cannot buy if commercial portion floor space exceeds 25% of the entire building.

      This information can be confirmed from the free guides at


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          thanks for that answer

          In regards of extending the lease - this is very good news indeed that I should not worry about the status of the charity - is this due to the fact I have a long lease and hence the flat is not used for the purpose of charity ?

          In regards of the freehold purchase - would you count the basement if any in those calculations ? I am suspecting there might be a basement below the commercial property with access from inside the restaurant - who shoud I ask for this you reckon as this will take the % from 25% to 40% ...

          many thanks


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            tks for that link on charity comission - very useful indeed - I can definitely see that my freeholder is a registered charity but in eduaction - does that explicitely exclude it from being a charitable housing trust ? is there a register for housing trust ? can a charity move from eduation to housing trust ?
            I understand from the above that even if it were a chartiable housing trust, I would still be entitled to extending the lease ?
            Many thanks


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              Your rights to lease extension are contained in a free publication available by download from


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                agree Gordon - I have followed your link - but those rights on the website exclude chartiable housing trust leasing for the purpose of charity hence my question about what is housing trust and is there a register for those ? and if any charity in education or any other freeholder can register itself as a housing trust ? and if the fact I am leasing long for over 100 years excludes the flat from being referred to as used for the purpose of charity ?
                Many thanks


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                  Would anyone be able to advise on the last post pls
                  Many thanks


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                    From other posts on arrears in ground rent, it seems the freeholder can only claim back 6 years.. You could ask the seller to pay the 6 years rent owed.

                    If the original lease started at 99 years , you may be facing a ground rent increase to double the current rent at 66 years....
                    20-07-2017, 20:26 PM
                  • Reply to first time buyer - Freeholder died
                    I'm assuming as a first time buyer you are mortgaging - in which case, I think you have a more fundamental issue in that the lender is very unlikely to lend if you have less than 80 years on the lease...
                    20-07-2017, 19:59 PM
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                    19-07-2017, 20:45 PM
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                    I've always found that if you don't want something just put it outside and it magically disappears!

                    (And I don't mean the council has cleared it but the totters have!)

                    Why don't you put a sign up offering free furniture to the taker?
                    20-07-2017, 19:37 PM
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                    19-07-2017, 12:54 PM
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                    Thank you for the reply
                    20-07-2017, 17:11 PM
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                    Just had a chat with the ico folks. As RAM said here...


                    no need to register as data controller as a management company of service charges if not passing info to third parties or filming the premises. As for identifying individual...
                    20-07-2017, 15:48 PM
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                    Exactly! Plus I don't want other people thinking they can dump stuff other in the garden.

                    She definitely has abandoned it as I asked her and she said she doesn't want it but was just intending on leaving it there!...
                    20-07-2017, 11:24 AM
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                    Thanks for the responses, they are really helpful.

                    After speaking to the tenant yesterday, I put a note through her door so that I made it formal, my request that the furniture is removed.

                    I explained that it's a hazard and I am unable to maintain the gardens upkeep with...
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