Repairs to Communal Paths

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    Repairs to Communal Paths

    The c.6ft wide entrance path between my 2 blocks of 4 maisonettes has crumbled and cracked and is now dangerous. The path is used by the ground and upper floor tennants of each facing block for access from the road to their front doors and passage through and between the 2 blocks to their rear gardens.
    My aged leases state I (the Landlord) am responsible for organising the repair subject to prior payment by the tennants. Estimates are coming in at £4000. I assume this will be split equally, 4 ways.
    Is there a process to follow, including the serving of notice to the 4 tennants.

    Sounds like you are a landlord and have not clued yourself up on the minimum

    Is it 2 blocks with a total of 4 maisonettes = 4 leaseholders
    Is it 2 blocks of 4 maisonettes = 8 leaseholders

    Either way you need to issue an S20
    see S20short doc first

    But if it is an emergency, you have to ask for dispensation.

    I assume to you have service charges in place.
    However, contact the owners and state it is dangerousand that it will cost
    about £ 500 to £ 1000 each ( depending on the number of leaseholders )
    on top of the service charges,and the job has to be done now, and you will assume there is no objection to making the place safe, if you hear nothing from then within 3 days.

    However, your profile says you inherited 38 properties, so are there 38 where the
    danger now lies, ( or 4 or 8 ? )
    If the £ 4000 is divided by 38, you need do nothing, as it will be less than
    £ 250 per owner.
    But if only 8, then £500
    But if 4 only ,as you suggested, then get the quote below 250 per owner
    ( by one penny ) and you can start immediately with no S20.

    But read Official sites explanations on S20 rules and dispensation, after

    --- gone for tea ,,


      It's not necessarily £250 per flat, the requirement for s20 consultation will kick in if any one flat has to contrbute more than £250. Mitchvmax will need to read the lease to see what proportion each flat is required to contribute and whether that pushes any of them over the threshold.

      Also, I doubt any such repair would be considered urgent enough for dispensation - fence off dangerous areas where you can (it won't hurt them to walk on the grass if that's an alternative) and mark trip hazards with cones or whatever is appropriate.


        You will need in addition to this to understand the lease as to when the tenants pay a contribution. Few allow a one off bill and therefore most often has to be included in a budget or end of accounting period total.

        That however does not allow you to defer work, irrespective of what the lease says...!
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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