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    Right To Manage Questions

    1) If me and the other flat owners go for right to manage are we in charge of sorting out the buildings insurance.

    2) Roughly what are the costs of right to manage

    3) Does going for right to manage stop us from later going for Collective Enfranchisement

    Thank you in advance

    1. Yes.
    2. Not sure what you mean. Please be a little more specific. Is it that you want to know what the fees will be to obtain the right to manage? Or what costs you will face once you have the right to manage? Or what?
    3. No.

    Take a look at the Leasehold Advisory Service website


      Thankyou for your reply Poppy.

      As I understand it once me and the other flat owner have asserted our right to manage we only have to pay our frehholder the ground rent. We are then in charge of maintanence and aranging the buildings insurance.

      is this correct. Thank you again


        When lessees form a Right to Manage company (RTM company) the freeholder is entitled to become a member and be wholly involved in the management decisions.


          I assume that he can be outvoted then? if my neighbour and i want to do something can the freeholder stop us?


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