Plumbing Work - Freeholder Consent Needed?

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    Plumbing Work - Freeholder Consent Needed?

    I have a low water pressure issue in a flat which doesn't appear to have its own stop valve (three flats and two commercial premises appear to share the same one outside).

    To investigate the problem (in the absence of the expected dodgy stop valve) the plumbers want to check the pipework going into the flat, which goes through the communal hallway, and will require some lifting of floors and removal of panelling etc.

    Is this sort of work something for which freeholder consent should be sought?

    Thanks in advance.

    I think you should have put this in 'Long Leashold Question' but to answer you - who is going to pay for the work? If it is the freeholder then you should tell him. These plumbing investigation jobs are a licence to print money so I recommend you get a quote if possible.

    It is quite common in older buildings for there to be 1 supply to multiple units and 1 stopcock.

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      You must inform your freeholder so they are aware of the works as they may wish to inspect before and after to check for damage. Please ensure the plumber you use is adequately insured in case they accidently damage any pipework or, even worse, cause a flood.

      The freeholder may just say OK and let you get on with it but it's always important to check. Also let all the other tenants know as a matter of courtesy. You may find that the other tenants and the freeholder/managing agent take an interest in the works, and the findings, so they understand the building better. This is certainly something I would do as a managing agent because there will always be future plumbing questions from tenants and the more information you have about a building the better.

      Finally, as mentioned above, try and get a quote.


        Thanks for the responses, I'll see what the freeholder has to say.


          Originally posted by Real_Politik View Post
          I'll see what the freeholder has to say.
          As the freeholder will own the water pipes outside your flat, FIRST tell him/her
          of your problem, and will they investigate the pipework that belongs to him.
          Making sure that you have checked your own flat first.



            Well this is actually a bit of a muddle now.

            The ownership of pipework needs to be established under the lease, as some pipes that extend outside the flat into the common areas can still be the owners pipes and responsibility.

            Once that is established if their is a low pressure problem which cannot be isolated in your pipework, then the freeholder who will most likely under your lease be responsible for the pipes and water supply, should be investigating. You will have to check your lease , and also indemnify the freeholder that if the problem is within your run of pipes, that you are responsible for the cost.
            Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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