Section 20 Process and Revised Works

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    Section 20 Process and Revised Works

    Some time ago I was querying with you all about the Section 20 process followed by the Managing Agents on behalf of ourselves, the freeholders (also the leaseholders). I've trawled the paperwork and emails and here are the stages that were followed:

    March 2010 new Managing Agents were told that maintenance of building needs to be undertaken (in accordance with the lease)
    June 2010 Managing Agent gave myself and another director a quote she had received from the Managing Agent's preferred contractor. Other director took the quote away and gave it to another company.
    July 2010: Notice of Intention issued
    Sept 2010: A director asked to add fascias to top of building to avoid painting that woodwork. Vote taken and agreed. Also agreed that balcony balustrades would not be painted but that all window frames and doors needed to be painted and varnished as per lease.
    Jan 2011: Revised estimates received with next stage of S20
    March 2011: Managing Agent notified via S20 of contractor selected.

    My questions are that as the specification was changed in September 2010 to add fascias, should a new S20 have been started. All S20 notifications sent out since July 2010 refer to the "works agreed in July 2010".

    In email communications between myself and the Managing Agent she has said that the decision of the contractor to be appointed is to be made by the freeholders by majority but she has now made that decision on our behalf.


    Just a thought....
    Do the leases make allowances for improvement? If they don't and they just allow for repair,renew and replace then money for the facsia's cannot be legal clawed back from the leaseholders.Be very careful I made this costly mistake and am now paying for it (literaly!)
    Check the leases.
    I'm not sure about the s20 being restarted (i think it needed ammending) Sure somebody can answer...



      That's really interesting. I will check the lease when I get home. With regard to the maintenance I know it refers to maintaining and repainting and varnishing all external areas. Hmmm...


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