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    Lease Agreement Missing / Lost

    I am in the process of selling a property and have just had an offer accepted.
    However I cannot find my copy of the original lease agreement. Its very unusual for me to lose anything, things are always where they should be, so I'm convinced that it has gone for good.

    Can anyone tell me how much of a problem this is going to cause?

    The lease on the property is owned by a company who have so far not not impressed. I am also trying to get a quote on the lease extension too (it's currently 79 years).

    Your leasehold is probably registered at HM Land Registry. An official copy of the lease will cost £20. It will be as good as original which was lost.

    If it's not registered, however, you have more of a problem. Landlord should have a Counterpart and might provide you with a certified copy (for a price).

    New lease will involve surrender of old lease and re-grant for its residue + 90 yrs; new lease will then be what you sell, so problem solved.
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      You or your solicitor could request a copy of your landlord. They will probably make a charge for this. Alternatively, the Land Registry hold copies of most leases and will also supply a copy for a charge, which will most likely be less than your landlord. Details can be found at This says: -

      "How much does it cost?

      £3 for each title register (details of each property)
      £3 for each title plan (a plan of the property)
      £10 for each lease referred to in the register and available electronically
      £20 for each lease referred to on the register and only available using a postal application
      £5 for any one or all other documents referred to in the register and available electronically
      These fees are payable online, using your credit/debit card over a secure link."

      You'll need a surveyor/ valuer to help with lease extensions.


        Many thanks for your replies, they have really helped me out... now down to the messy business of chasing this lease renewal!


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