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    trying to extend lease

    i need some advise.In May i asked my freeholder for a figure to extened my 75yr lease.After waiting over 9 weels for a reply, they said £10k.I thought this was exsesive and obtained a private valuation from Pro Leagle for £6k which i was very greatful for there help. On the 19/08/06 i handed it to my freeholder.As from today i am still waiting for a reply from them.Every time i call them they say that the person dealing with it is on holiday. i have also asked my resident assosiation to call on my behalf. but still nothing from the there any advise from any one that can help me at all , as i need to sell my property with a longer lease. thanks.


    I assume that you served a statutory Notice of your claim to a new lease (s.42 of 2003 Act).

    Next stage to enforce your claim is for you to begin LVT proceedings. Perhaps send a 14-day warning letter to L or his solicitor?

    Once served, that Notice could even be assigned to your leasehold purchaser (if P willing to proceed before new lease granted for extended term).
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      Dear Jim,

      I agree with Jeffrey. Set a deadline for the freeholder to respond. In the event that he does not, use the statutory lease extension procedure and serve a Tenant's Notice on him. This is the only way to compel a response.

      I hope this assists.

      Kind regards,


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