Windows not cleaned for 12months but we've been charged

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    Originally posted by leaseholdanswers View Post
    Be very careful any limited company is bound by their contracts in this case leases and the law that controls them.

    Experienced directors often fail to understand that. It is essential that you purchase the RICS code and, as service charge expenses.

    And check back here tell all your friends!
    Thanks so much.


      Hi All

      Just checking in again with an update as you were all so helpful.
      We now have 3 new Directors (including me) and we recently held a meeting (invitations sent, notice provided, minutes sent etc) to discuss services such as window cleaning and interiors cleaning. We agreed new specifications and scheduling and selected service providers. The Managing Agent has been informed. The savings we have made are already significant with just a few changes to scheduling (in-line with leases).

      Although we are not satisfied that the existing managing agent has fulfilled their contractual obligations with regards to supervision of work we are remaining with our existing managing agent until the contract ends in Anugust at which time we will be moving to a new provider. In the meantime we are keeping relations with the agent amicable as we are just happy to have reduced costs whilst improving standards.

      What was particularly interesting was that the existing Directors had no idea that the Managing Agent only had the power to undertake expenditure on our approval, they thought that the agent was in control rather than was paid by the Management Company to provide agreed services under a contract.



        Originally posted by Emielou5 View Post
        Hi All

        Just checking in again with an update as you were all so helpful.
        Well glad to hear it.

        My one word of caution is that before you switch, remember "the devil you know".

        Perhaps part of the problem was the lack of understanding of the relationship.
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


          Originally posted by Emielou5 View Post
          We agreed new specifications and scheduling and
          selected service providers. The Managing Agent has been informed.
          Glad to hear you "are in control"

          Just remember, ----- "in my opinion" and from experience, managing agents
          ( my area )do not get off their backsides and visit the property to see if a good job
          was done,or have the "engineering / building" experience to know if a good job was
          A lot of it is common sense, but Britain suffers from a lack of common sense in people
          nowadays, and common sense does not magically come with qualifications in Management
          or a high wage.

          Know also, that the fees charged do not cover extensive management, even though their
          contract looks impressive. Here £ 100 to £ 180 per year per flat gets you minimal

          At present, due to extensive maintenance required, and recently it was a full time jobI am
          paid for a number of flats, to look after the property, , but if you relate the total cost of flats
          to an hourly wage, then I get 30 pence per hour.

          ( 6 flats at £ 120 per year each . working 47 weeks, 5 days per week, 8 hours a day )
          Yes I know, some days there is nothong to do, but if you get my drift that for a block of
          6 flats the management receives 30 pence an hour. If you include weekends, and evening
          calls etc, it comes down to 20 pence an hour, So you don't get much from
          a Managing agent for that sort of money !

          So the more you can do, the better.

          My duties are extensive, demanding, and soul destroying sometimes, and you will be subject to
          those if you need to check on your managing agents - current or proposed.

          At least you have taken control, and the Manging agent knows if they fail, you will dispence with
          their services, but don't forget also, that things they may have to do that is not part of the
          contract, they can charge you £ 60 per hour ( Cos 30p per hour wont cover everything )



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