L likely to decline (unreasonably) consent to sublet

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    L likely to decline (unreasonably) consent to sublet

    I own a leasehold flat and due to out of area work opportunities I will be wishing to sublet it whilst I am away.
    My lease states the following:
    "Not to assign underlet or part with the possession of the whole of the demised premises or the said fixtures (if any) without the previous consent in writing of the landlord such consent not to be unreasonably withheld the tenant paying the landlord's legal expenses in connection therewith"
    I wrote to the landlord asking if there were any requirement that he would be likely to request should an application for consent be made - just to see how the ground lay really.
    Following reports to the landlord that there had been movements of furniture in my flat (which there had not been), he wrote back to me - four moths after my initial letter - stating that he would like me to confirm that there were no sub-letting arrangements in place and also stating that he would not grant consent based on the fact that he wished to maintain consistency in the management of the development. I have since spoken to others in the block who have asked for consent and had it declined.
    It is my understanding that this does not constitute reasonable withholding of consent and I have written to him stating so. I had outlined that I planned to use a reputable letting and full management service, that I would only select tenants that fitted the existing profile of residents and that all regular checks would be undertaken.
    I think that I need to present a particular tenant when asking for consent to lease and that landlord would have 21 days to repsond. My Concern is that many subletting tenants would need to move in at the most a month after agreement had been made. If I select a tenant and the agency undertakes reference checks and credit checks and then this is sent to landlord who has 21 days to do nothing, then by that point I may have lost my tenant and the tenant may have handed in their notice elsewhere and have nowhere else to go. Does anyone know how the whole timescale thing would work on this one?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice!

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