Freeholder refusing to start work

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    Freeholder refusing to start work


    There are 8 leasehold flats within a block of which I own one. The freeholder has recently converted the bottom floor into three flats and is trying to sell them.

    There are some serious repairs needed to the roof and the managing agent had instructed the scaffolders to come in next week and the builders etc to then fix the problems. We have spent a lot of time sorting this out and money had been collected from all leaseholders.

    However the freeholder has now said that we must delay the works for 6 - 8 weeks so he can market and sell the flats prior to the works being carried out.

    I am hoping that this instruction is at odds with his duties as freeholder and that we can force him to carry out the work immediately.

    Any advice would be welcomed


    What does your lease say about FH's obligations to perform or effect the "services" (which one would hope includes structural repairs)?


      Hang out a sign to say " Don't buy here until the roof repairs are completed "


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