"In the occupation of one family"- meaning?

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    "In the occupation of one family"- meaning?


    Would appreciate any practical advice on this one.

    The block I live in has 28 flats of which 10 are lessee occupied, the rest are let. There is a problem brewing with some of the the tenants concerning the lack of consideration to other residents within the block.

    The lease states the following:

    Not to use the Demised Premises nor permit the same to be used

    a) for any purpose whatsoever other than a single private dwelling in the occupation of one familiy only and as a high class residence only for letting on an assured shorthold basis or holiday letting.

    This clause appears to be (in my opinion) badly crafted. However, my question is - if there are several single people renting, is the lessee in breach of the lease? The problem is many residents are complaining about loud music at unreasable times apart from other problems such as car parking etc
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