Is holiday-letting a breach of lease covenants?

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    Hi Sundance, Sorry for late reply but have only just logged back on. That is great news. It looks like I will be able to holiday let. Will be an interesting time ahead with the other leaseholders when they find out!!! Have you started holiday lets yet?
    Thanks again for all your work and information on this matter - much appreciated


      I never stopped holiday letting on advise from my solicitor who done the conveyancing for this property.His advice was there was no exclusion on holiday letting which was just as well that he was right all the time otherwise he would not have fullfilled his duty to me knowing that my intention was to holiday let the property & the sole reason why I bought this property.I will add that the insurance premium for the property has increased because holiday letting is deemed a greater risk which the management co have ammended to include holiday lets which they are obliged to do so under the terms of the lease.
      Many thanks for your interest.



        I have tried to look up the LVT decision with the link you have given, but I cant find anything. Do you have any further information that I can use to quote your case, as I have a similar problem.

        Thank you


          Interesting as well, my property is in the West Country.


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