How does RTM Co. recover arrears from lessee?

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    How does RTM Co. recover arrears from lessee?

    Hi Appreciate any thoughts on what the best way is to secure Service Charge payment from leaseholder and what is the extent of the legal road.

    Background. Established RTM. RTM realised immediate benefits for all LH in that the Service charges are now fair and significantly lower than what was being paid previously. Work is justified rather than manufactured. Project work is at cost, management fee significantly reduced. One would think that anyone with half a brain would realise the benefit. Only person one would expect to be unhappy is freeholder, understandable but, then if they did not rip us off we would not have go down the RTM road, so lesson there for any Landlords pushing the boat our on charges, it could be short lived if the LH get fed up being screwed.

    Issue is everyone paying a part from one LH. They ignore all written requests sent to property. They do not live at property but we know there are aware of the RTM and fully are of the change in management company. I understand the legal obligation is to serve the notice at the LH property address given (no alternative address provided) if none given.

    No response from LH nor payment. Can anyone advise how best to secure payment. We have waited > 30 days. Clearly we prefer to avoid the legal option but don't know what other avenue is open if they choose not to settle their account. What is the legal option if forced to it.

    I cannot understand that there is a clear legal obligation to pay a service charge. The service charge is significantly less than before. The freeholder recognises the RTM, The LH is receiving the communications, so why do people have to behave this way ? It is bizarre.

    Through out we have been open and transparent so cannot understand why they choose not to cooperate ? Either way all we want is for them to pay their required service charge. Any advice ?

    Please re-post in Long Leasehold Questions and I'm sure someone will be able to help.
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      RTM Advice on securing payment from LH

      Sorry for error. Thanks for guidance, will do.


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        Since your flat has 2 bedrooms and other flats have one bedroom, you should keep the existing 38:31:31 split as fair contribution to the annual service charge account.

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        The S20 consultation with leaseholders is required for any planned works which exceed £250 cost per flat.

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        You appear to have bought into the flat knowing at the time your share is 38% and having owned the flat feel that this is unjust.

        Did you raise any concerns questions at the time of purchase that in a three flat split you would be paying more than 33.33% . Could it be argued that the unfairness...
        28-05-2022, 09:04 AM
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        The cost of extending a lease is not a service charge expense so there is no reason to allocate it on the 38/31/31 basis, your offer to split those costs equally seems to be reasonable. It is up to the freeholder to decide what is fair and reasonable for the service charges and it is up to the other...
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        Unless the handover took place at the end of the financial year, it is the RTM's responsibility to produce the annual accounts. You could try making a formal complaint against the agent to supply copies of all supporting documents, it should belong to a redress scheme. The difficulty is that the agent...
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        Since obtaining the RTM and changing the managing agent, we have never been given full accounts / receipts for the previous year(s). We believe that as the old freeholder and leaser holder of one of the flats were represented by the same solicitor that prior to the sale of the freehold, we were subsidising...
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        The property should be registered so the land registry should hold a copy of the leases. You would need to look at the leases to see who is responsible for what but normally in a maisonette situation the freeholder would insure and maintain the structure, foundation and roof with...
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