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    Originally posted by sgclacy View Post
    Why would the flat with the smallest rateable value wish to enter into an arrangement where he/she pays more? You can only change the service charge percentage if you all agree although there are very limited circumstances where you could make an application to the LVT but I would be very surprised if it was relevant in this case

    Rateable values are still used for water rates so the rateable value is not dead and even if it was the formula is still relevant to the calculation of service charges as far as your lease is concerned.

    If you are all happy to change then in my opinion the ideal solution would be to split costs in TWO categories.

    Certain costs are not a function of the size of the flat; the accountancy fees the company secretarial fee, changing the locks to the communal hallway, maintenance of the external grounds etc

    Certain costs are a function of the size of the flats; for example the buildings insurance the cost of maintaining the external fabric of the building

    The first category may be split equally whereas the second by floor area.
    A better answer than mine. Possibly 3 categories - with the garden split equally between the three flats that use it?


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