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    The management company for the block of flats containing my one has recently sent me charges including audit deficits from 2003 and 2004. I would like to know if there is any sort of cutoff point beyond which they cannot do this. How many years down the line can they be looking back and deciding that we should have paid more money.

    I would appreciate any input regarding this - they seem to charge a huge amount more than any work that is apparent!!

    thank you

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    At the very least you must ask for:
    - copies of invoices addressed to the landlord/management
    - proof of payment
    - proof that they have not charged for this previously
    These are your rights as a lessee.

    Try not to dwell on the timing of the demand - you should be more concerned about whether the landlord actually incurred these costs.

    If however these costs have been incurred as a result of your fellow lessees not paying their share of the service charges, then you should be encouraging the landlord to chase for all outstanding payments. (Boy, you better hope it's not as a result of your neighbours simply not paying up!)
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      more on management

      Thank you for your response, Poppy. When I ask for a breakdown, I get their own breakdown of expenses, but have compased a letter asking for invoices etc. I have another question. The management company has separated the water charges out and made it a separate payment to their bulk payment - where it used to be a part of the breakdown. The fees have climbed - almost double in 4 years, plus they have separated these charges out - so their fees have really climbed more than it appears. Can they do this sort of thing? Can they just keep charging more and more money? What control do we have? I guess it is back to having them prove everything - I just know they are going to throw a pile of numbers at me and probably find more charges!!!!!! help
      many thanks


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        I would suggest you take a look at the leasehold advisory service website where many of your qeustions are answered.
        NOTE: Steven Palmer BSc (Hons) MRICS MBEng is an official LandlordZONE Topic Expert and a Director of Davisons Palmer Lim Any advice given by Steven in this Forum is of a general nature only and should not be acted upon without first obtaining advice specific to your problem/situation from a professional.


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          Copies of invoices/purchase orders addressed to the landlord/management is key. If they cannot produce proof - they cannot charge for it, unless you agree to pay for it or it is specifically catered for in the lease. Always rely on the terms of the lease.


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            Recently Recieved the following letter from E&M Ltd.:

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            Our records indicate that the above property is being sublet/let or will be sublet/let shortly.

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            I believe that is the intended meaning of the OP's lease and it seems to be a fairly common condition in leases for flats. The one quoted above seems unusually clearly written for a legal document.

            As a computer programmer, I wish that lawyers would write in a formal, unambiguous language,...
            27-07-2017, 23:32 PM
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            Such a situation generates very difficult relations and hard to resolve. If you need to resolve more difficult circumstances later it is even harder. So try to show you do something to investigate the issue and solve especialy now the other owner's wife is in hospital.

            The Lease would specify...
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            I deserve a thrashing. The clause makes no sense to me. Here's wot mine says...

            ""Not at any time during the term separately to assign transfer or part with possession or occupation of any part or parts of the demised premises but only to assign transfer or part with possession...
            27-07-2017, 20:39 PM
          • Reply to E&M Proxima GR - 'Administrative Fee' Request
            Thanks for your replies.

            Not to assign transfer charge underlet or part with possession of part only of the Property .

            I think we are interpreting this part differently. To me it says not to do the above to part of the property. I.e. sell or sublet or transfer part of the property....
            27-07-2017, 20:15 PM
          • Reply to E&M Proxima GR - 'Administrative Fee' Request
            Hi again,

            Consents are applied for by the lessee. If the lease provides no opportunity to apply for a particular consent, the lessee has no right to apply. Hence, blanket prohibition. Leases are interpreted as being intended by the freeholder.

            A deed of variation is an addendum...
            27-07-2017, 19:59 PM
          • Reply to E&M Proxima GR - 'Administrative Fee' Request
            As the current freeholder is not the vendor would this mean that the clause doesn't apply to them?

            And would
            '["Disposals of Part
            1. Not to assign transfer charge underlet or part with possession of part only of the Property and during the last seven years of the said term
            27-07-2017, 19:36 PM
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            1) I had seen the decision 'HOLDING AND MANAGEMENT (SOLITAIRE) LIMITED vs CHERRY LILIAN NORTON' and was going to use it as a last resort. My thinking was my lease didn't give them the right to ask for consent (apart from in the last 7 years)?

            2)[" 'If your lease says...
            27-07-2017, 19:31 PM
          • Reply to E&M Proxima GR - 'Administrative Fee' Request
            I think that "Vendor" usage is a typo? Yes the freeholder originally sold the lease to the first lessee. He didn't assign it on to you. Otherwise you'd be getting consent from the lessee who "Vended"(?) to you.

            Methinks it ought to say "Lessor" or landlord....
            27-07-2017, 19:18 PM