Neighbour (leaseholder) uses house for selling icecream/cars

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    Neighbour (leaseholder) uses house for selling icecream/cars

    Does anyone know the law on running a business from a leasehold property please.

    The owner of the lease has a son who has moved in with his Mother. These properties are specifically for the over 55s...son in his 30s.

    He has left his place of work with back problems and started a Computer business from the property.

    There are a few other issues here but not for this thread.

    The Mother moved in about 2 years ago, bringing 3 cats when animals aren't allowed!!

    I am led to understand son is claiming benefits as is Mother plus she is also claiming the single occupancy council tax rebate.

    Until recently this was a desirable area. Sadly like so many places its going downhill fast with people like this in our midst.


    What is your involvement in this matter? Are you a lessee in the same block?

    Sounds like the lease is being beached on multiple fronts. The lessee must comply with the lease at all times. If the lessee does not comply with the lease, the freeholder may take action leading to forfeiture.

    Most residential leases prohibit running a business from the property. Read the lease. Does it prohibit running a business?


      Yes I am a neighbour and lessee also.

      I don't actually have a copy of the lease, so best arrange to get one,,not actually sure where to get it tho.

      I did ask one of the Directors who is also a neighbour but she doesn't have one and didn't seem to know where to get one.

      I'll try the Solicitor on Monday.

      Thank-you for your reply.



        This thread has been split. Part is now separate, entitled "Leasehold flat; T's son running business from it".
        See [url]


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          Neil M82,

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