Should freeholder pay service charge on undemised flat?

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    Should freeholder pay service charge on undemised flat?

    Hi folks would if anyone can help:

    My Landlord/Freeholder owns a building containing two flats. I own one via a Leasehold the other he rents.

    He holds this building within a Childrens TRUST.

    QUESTION: When he (the landlord,) charges me maintenance fees, should he/the trust be matching the contributions?


    It would seem that the Trust are the freeholders of two properties one of which you are the leaseholder and the other that is rented.

    What do your lease documents say about maintenance charges and the apportionment of responsibility for various parts of the building?

    If you can provide further details then others will be able to advise what can be done if the situation is unfair and if that unfair situation can be rectified.

    Are there some particular charges that you feel should be disputed? Perhaps you could set them down briefly.
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      Thanks. sorry for late reply-I work away and have been out of the country. I will look at my lease next time i'm home for details.


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