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    Shenstone properties ltd : The business practice of this company is obviously disreputable and dishonest. Their chief point of contact, the one who has all the answers when you call is a master of deception and manipulation of facts and essentially lies to you. The practice of not cashing your cheques in order to bill you more later is shoddy, dishonest and wholly unacceptable. Their is enough evidence on this site to report them to the office of fair trading, also report them to the local trading standards for Staffordshire. Also you local MP. Do not accept the lies and threats of this Mrs Wagstaff, she is a cheat and deciever. All you need to do as a group is present all the infomation contained in the thread above to the appropriate authorities. As for the actual ground rent demands received from Shenstone may I suggest the following...Do not under any circumstances whatsoever accept/part pay or even mention the "Admin & Recovery costs", these are fraudulent costs. This company will not be able to uphold these in a court of law. They will not go to court, the evidence against their practice is overwhelming. You are not avoiding payment of your groud rent this company is simply not allowing you to pay it. Put the payment of your ground rent demand, whether it be in a 'section 166' format or their usual demand letter, into a post office savings account, open the account in your name and in brackets (Shenstone Properties). Forward proof of this account with the ground rent funds in it to Shenstone. Advise Shenstone with a covering letter that the ground rent is now held within the Queens post office awaiting investigation from the trading authorities on the business practices of Shenstone Proprties. Once the enquires have been made by those authorities and appropriate actions taked, then the funds will be made available to whomever is deemed a legally reputable and fit person/company to administer the collection of the ground rent on your property.


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