Statutory pre-emption on sale of leasehold reversion?

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    Statutory pre-emption on sale of leasehold reversion?

    On an estate of mixed leasehold houses & flats the Freeholder has been persuaded to buy back the Head Lease from a Property Management Co that had acquired it some 7 years ago. I know that in the sale of the freehold the leaseholders would be entitled to pre-emption rights to buy the freehold ( not sure if this would only apply to flats or if this would apply to houses as well) do the same rights have to be given if the Head Lease changes hands? Can anyone please advise.

    Statutory pre-emption [LTA 1987] applies only if:
    a. the properties are flats (not houses); and
    b. the flats' lessees hold direct from f/r owner (not if there's an intermediate leasehold reversioner).
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