After collective enfr., can non-participant lessee buy-in?

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    After collective enfr., can non-participant lessee buy-in?

    Where In a block of flats enfranchisement has already taken place; but a minority of flats did not participate. The freehold reversions of these flats are held (in this case) by a small consortium. If one of the minority wishes to purchase a share in the 'freehold company' and the new lease from the consortium, is the correct method of valuation going to be the same as if it were an ordinary enfranchisement? Which I assume is 50% of the marriage value, plus any other factors such as ground rent, other assets of the freehold company etc..

    I'm not sure that the minority lessee X has a legal right to force him/herself into membership alongside the participants. However, fairest (and simplest) method- assuming that all leases are extended or that all leases are unextended- would be to work out how much less each participant would have paid on enfranchisement had X also then participated. X now pays-in that amount and the participants share it out.
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      Surely the point here is that 3 leaseholders have agreed that the freeholder may decide what is "fair and reasonable" and the 4 joint freeholders decide what is "fair and reasonable" (at least for 3 leaseholders) each time a service charge demand is issued.

      A leaseholder...
      28-01-2022, 07:33 AM
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      Hello. I own a flat in a block of four. The new owner of the smallest flat is disputing their contribution to service charges based on floor size. All four flats have historically paid 25% each, but of the four leases only mine states that I pay 25%. I have spoken with a solicitor about this and he...
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      by Section20z
      But it will make him liable for freeholders costs, which for a low value extension are often disproportionate.
      Always exhaust Iinformal negotiations first....
      28-01-2022, 06:57 AM
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      Has anyone had dealing with doubling ground rents?
      i have just asked for a quote for a lease extension and they are proposing new ground rent terms of a doubling ground rent every 25 years. My commercial guy has said some lenders don't like these which may reduce the value of the property of i...
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      Over the last few years the current directors have made simple mistakes and brought court claim after court claim against me causing me stress, distress and lots of wasted time and energy. I have tried to be reasonable call meetings to discuss and collaborate and still they carry on and NO I cant remove...
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    • Reply to 2 misconceived court claims and last minute back down by landlord
      by eagle2
      Welcome to the world of leasehold property where incompetent directors (and others who should know better) can mismanage buildings and leaseholders suffer. You will probably find that the sinking fund was raided in order to finance their wrongful legal action and now they are trying to replenish that...
      28-01-2022, 06:48 AM
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      Is this legal?

      A bit of background, we currently have three directors, we are allowed to have up to a maximum of eight directors according to the articles of association. We are all leaseholders. Last summer the three directors decided to hire a managing agent who is now in charge of the...
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    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by eagle2
      It does not make any difference in as much as you should comply with the Articles and current legislation....
      28-01-2022, 06:23 AM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by eagle2
      it is not unusual for a member to need to be nominated by another member and for that member to need to indicate his willingness to be a director if he is appointed, There may be time limits for notifying the Company. Depending on which version of model Articles apply, Article 76 says just that, In...
      28-01-2022, 06:20 AM
    • Reply to AGM cancelled.
      by fos333
      A lot of the sections of CA1985 were superceded by CA2006.

      Look at Table A along with your own company articles. Not all sections will be mentioned in your articles, but they still apply, unless your articles state they do not apply.

      Past shareholders/members appointed as directors...
      28-01-2022, 00:11 AM