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    Much depends on:
    a. lessees' attitude; and
    b. whether expenses have already been spent or are merely proposed but not yet incurred.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      The reason I was enquiring about a reimbursement of insurance contributions already paid is since the Lessor/Company was notified of my intention to enfranchise, estimates for non-essential relatively expensive works only beneficial to them in the future are suddenly been sourced. As there are not sufficient funds available I am expecting to be approached to make up my share of the shortfall.

      So on top of the enfranchisement fees of which I’m expecting to be high because of the Lessor/Companies past history of dragging things out to the last minute, I am now looking at more unnecessary expense.

      Even if the enfranchisement is successful in obtaining total separation I am also left with an expensive repair to my roof which the Lessor/Company refused to finance because of a problem where the Lease Plans are not of true depiction.

      I am also left to finance the exterior decoration of my dwelling which is starting to look tatty and is overdue according to my lease.

      So if I sound like I’m penny pinching and bitter it’s because I am.

      That’s my moan over with for today.

      Thank you Jeffrey


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