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    Property Purchase - Environment Search came back with....

    Hi all. I have a question that was not linked to the same subject as my other topic so I figured it would make sense to create a new topic for this one.

    I'm in the process of purchasing a flat and I have seen on one of the searches 'Environment' one to be specific - state "Further action required" because apparently within the last 25 years, there was a petrol filling station at the property's location or very close to the property's location. It states that because it was there at somepoint the land MAY be contaminated.

    As this is all new to me... I raise the question, should I be concerned here? The property was built in 2006. There are many many homes in the area all around my particular block I cannot possibly believe the land could be contaminated, surely when it was constructed in 2006 checks would have been carried out to ensure the land was not contaminated?

    I have (as per the advice in the report) sent an email to the local authority for further information but you know what they're like.... so I don't know how long until I will get a reply (if any..) so not sure exactly what to do on this one. It also makes refference to 'Radon' and suggesting this could be an issue too but I looked at my current property address and the new one, both have the same level (1-3% apparently) and I don't recall seeing this on the report when I got this property but perhaps I missed it (as a first time a buyer back then).

    Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Nothing to worry about for the usage of the property, but if anything negative is showing, consider the re-saleability of it. If you are worried yourself, will this put off your next purchaser.


      When I was working and environmental searches first started to be available, a company offered a "free sample" and I did a search on the house I had been living in for some 15 years. If I had seen the report before I bought I would have been worried about whether I should proceed! The main problem with these reports is getting someone to assess their significance. Conveyancers (at least in their capacity as such) do not have the necessary technical expertise. A better bet is a surveyor who knows the area. A surveyor should be able to advise if an expert opinion is needed. The company which issued the search may also be able to recommend an expert.


        Thanks guys, I've sent off an email to the Environment Agency as per the suggestion in the report itself but they can take a month to come back.

        I will see how can I go about contacting a Surveyor see what they say, thanks for the advice


          For ground contamination you would be better to seek out a hydrogeologist as they deal with ground water and contamination issues and its remediation. Much of their work is desk research and then followed by any necessary on site tests.

          It is likely that full site tests and necessary clean-up were done prior to construction commencing and there will be environmental reports lodged with the local authority.

          I suggest contacting a local geotechnical consultant who will have hydrogeologists on their payroll.


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