Fire door survey requirement for a London block of flats

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    Fire door survey requirement for a London block of flats

    Has anyone had to commission one of these? Any ideas on costs (10 flats in one block)?

    What about the fire brigade for free?

    A lot of info here:


      That is valuable guidance but a survey is required so as to help convince the individual owners that they are required to upgrade their doors (where they do)


        I have a similar problem. The fra advised fire doors on each flat and the best solution is to replace all the doors and frames in one contract to achieve fd30 standard.
        The lease is vague so it may end up at the ftt for a ruling as at least one will object!


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          What can a freeholder do to a leaseholder who is subletting to a subtenant that is causing nuisance to the adjacent neighbours (anti social behaviour).

          Steps Taken so far:

          1) A police complaint against the subtenant has already been raised by the adjacent neighbours.
          15-08-2022, 10:00 AM
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          You can likely do nothing at all, but letting us know the exact problem would help.

          Landlords of tenants can hardly remove them anyway even if they want to do so - so not sure that your S146 is going to assist. The nuclear option is hardly likely to succeed anyway....
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          Interested to get thoughts on this issue.
          Managing Agent A has ties to solicitor B. Block Company C has a flat owner D who was in arrears of, say, £1500.
          A advises C that D must be taken to court. B runs up costs of say £8000 preparing case and in anticipation of S146 follow through....
          13-08-2022, 15:25 PM
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          by Granger
          Another option? Could the block company directors refer matters to their Indemnity Insurers and leave the insurers and rogue solicitor to fight it out rather than either the flat owner or freeholder finishing up paying inflated and unwarranted fees? If the freeholder directors were found not liable...
          15-08-2022, 10:00 AM
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          Thanks lawmaker. there is another planning application (which I refer to earlier) from a few years ago, I am trying to get a colour copy of that as it identifies the exact area existing flat owners with parking in the deeds are allowed to use, it's the forecourt so we know this is the area which he...
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          by eagle2
          The agent and the solicitor would definitely know what they were doing and have an idea of the costs involved. There are different ways of the agent being rewarded but obtaining proof is difficult. To be fair, the management company should be able to rely on advice given to it by an agent and it has...
          15-08-2022, 05:21 AM