I replaced windows of leasehold flat without consent

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  • I replaced windows of leasehold flat without consent

    I replaced my white wooden windows with white double glazed, same amount of openings. I have since found out that i should have got written consent.

    I spoke to the company that collects the ground rent and I asked if i need permission to change the windows and I do. I didn't mention i'd already got the windows done, but I got the ok over the phone that i could replace them, but would need to get written consent and pay £160 for a certificate which sounds like a money making exercise to me.

    I have two questions:-

    1) Should i own up and say i'm applying for retrospective consent and would they penalise me? Says in my lease contract that if i break the lease conditions they could turf me out - would they really do this for just changing windows?

    2) OR..... should I just apply for consent and pretend i haven't had them done yet?

    I want to get this sorted now so it doesn't come back to haunt me if i sell this place one day.


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    who is the freeholder that is charging £160 for consent. is it an individual or a management company?

    i would go for option 2 personally but no they cannot just turf you out.


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      replaced windows without getting consent

      It is a management company that own the freehold.



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        You're not going to be turfed out. But you do realise that you have breached your lease.

        You need to remedy that breach. It may involve any or all of the following:
        • Seeking planning permission and/or building control certification.
        • The landlord may additionally want a surveyor to inspect the work on their behalf - that ain't free.
        • The landlord may specify that the windows are FENSA certificated.
        • If you have changed the appearance of the windows and they now no longer match the others in the block, the landlord may use legal means to make your windows fit in.
        • Obtain written retrospective consent for the works from the landlord - otherwise they may hold up any future sale.
        • If you are in a conservation area you may fall foul of those rules and be made to reinstate.


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          Changed Windows with out consent


          Thanks for your comments.

          Sounds like its going to be a very expensive task especially if surveyors need to be called in. So much for cheap double glazed windows.

          I have learn't my lesson for the future.

          Thank you.



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