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    Gordon999 sgclacy eagle2 CStevens

    All valid comments thank you.

    The demand to pay the majority share towards the extensions was cheeky, and the refusal on their part to honour existing covenants is not ideal. When I bought the flat, I did raise concerns but gathered it was not worth the dispute. However, a few years down the line, we are not honouring our obligations, faced with considerable work, and they want unfair contributions outside of service charge. I decided to seek confirmation on where those splits came from, as they do not exist within my purchase. If they were carried forward from a previous management company, fair enough. If they are being enforced, that is slightly different. As yet, they are unable to provide evidence.

    It should be evident in the leases, and from that, we know that a process has not been followed somewhere down the line.

    Probably not the best time to start a dispute. We're currently not having tea parties


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