Continuing the Section 42 notice

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    Continuing the Section 42 notice

    Just completed on a flat that came with the section 42 notice already served.
    Deed of assignment was served on the freeholder just before completion.

    I am eager to continue with the lease extension but not sure where I go from here.

    I have written to the freeholder on the day after I completed on the property more to inform him of my contact details as I am not living at the address. But haven’t heard back from him.

    I know he has 2 months to reply to the section 42 notice the previous owners put forward. However the amount they put forward to buy the new lease was a very low amount.
    I am under no illusion of what the new lease will cost and have budgeted the amount I think it will be nearer + a chunk for legal fees etc

    Is there a template letter I need to send saying that I am the new owner of the flat and wish to continue the lease extension.

    Or should I wait and see?

    I would be inclined to do nothing until the expiry of the two-month period



      If you get no reply after 2 months, you have to check if freeholder's Counter Notice was sent to previous address stated on S42 Notice.

      Under leasehold reforms announced by Government, it proposes intention to abolish "marriage value" .


        I have managed to track down the vendors Solicitors who are in receipt of his reply which has now been sent to my solicitor so I am back on track and it will all now go ahead.

        Just got a little panicked as I know you have to adhere to a particular timeline.


          Thank you to sgclacy and Gordon999


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