Enforcing sound insulation

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    Enforcing sound insulation

    Hi there,

    I'm really hoping someone can help me with this!

    I purchased my top floor flat in Dec 2020 which came with the freehold to the whole building (it's a terraced 2 story). It's split into two flats, both of which are leasehold (I have leasehold for my flat so I'm technically the freeholder & leaseholder).

    Downstairs have removed their carpets and have bare wood floorboards (natural, nothing on top). A month or so after moving in, downstairs rented their property to their stepson. I could hear everything. Him talking, snoring, groaning...everything! In the living room in my home I added sound proofing below floorboards, soundboards over the top, thick underlay and carpet. Helped a little but not enough. Could still hear him talking over my TV.

    My neighbour & I had a lot of back and forth and she explained sound went both ways, when she lived there it was a big issue for her & she eventually got them to lay carpets but still an issue etc and have to learn to manage it.

    I had asked her to consider soundproofing her ceiling. The house was converted in the 70s or so, before any regulations about ceilings came in so its just appears to be a thin artex style. I said if not, could she lay carpets as per the lease. She has explained she does not like the look of carpets and has money for neither. The flat has been unoccupied for 5 months now whilst she gets it ready to rent to new tenants via an estate agent.

    The last conversation we had was that we would aee how it goes with tenants and if an issue in 6 months she'd look into it. But the longer she's left it unoccupied, the more my anxiety has grown as its completely empty, and I'm concerned a tenant won't brings rugs etc.

    AS Freeholder, what can I do here? Can I enforce her to get ceilings altered (I assume not)? Can I enforce her to lay carpets even though she's not had them for years? I don't think she got permission (in her words she ripped them up when she moved in - about 15 years ago).

    I want to avoid conflict but I can't do any more soundproofing up here and I feel as if she's being unreasonable, and I'm unaware of my rights as a Freeholder to rectify the situation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And the lease says......


      In a building originally built as a terrace house, there is no sound insulation in the space between downstairs ceiling and upstairs floor boards because people living downstairs during the day, are sleeping upstairs at night.
      Does the wording in lease for each flat state the floors shall be covered by a thick carpet ?

      It is recommended for both upstairs and downstairs occupants to agree keep silent hours from 11 pm to 7 am , wear soft slippers at home ; and reduce noise transmission at night by thicker carpet in the bedrooms.


        If the carpets in the Lease you can enforce it, but why don't you just enjoy the life without the neighbors? Rather than get yourself sick with worry?


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