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    If the garden you wish to build on is included in your lease LEASE is right and the agent is wrong.

    Whether you need consent and/or have to pay the landlord a premium depends on the terms of the alterations clause. Please quote in full.


      The clause in my lease says the following

      "Not at any time during the term to make any alterations in or additions to the demised premises or to cut main alter or injure any of the walls or timbers thereof or to alter the Lessor’s fixtures therein without first obtaining the written consent of the Lessor (such consent no to be unreasonably withheld or delayed)"


        You need consent, but do not need to pay a premium.


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        • Sale of Freehold - Tax to Pay
          by divadee
          Hi, I hope I can write this in a clear way that makes sense!

          We bought a leaseholders flat in 2016, the next year we bought the limited company that held the freehold. This was done as no other leaseholder were interested in buying the freehold a few months prior to us buying our leasehold...
          16-08-2022, 16:37 PM
        • Reply to Sale of Freehold - Tax to Pay
          by sgclacy
          It would appear to have claimed roll over relief on the statutory lease extension where £14k was received - unless you had bought a property to roll over the gain this may have been premature

          so on a base cost of £18k you will have received £12k plus £14k a gain of £8k so corp tax...
          16-08-2022, 19:53 PM
        • Reply to Ground rent arrears from executor
          by Martin448A
          Ground rent is £75 year, don’t have lease details with me but around 150 years
          16-08-2022, 19:51 PM
        • Ground rent arrears from executor
          by Martin448A
          received a letter out the blue from someone claiming to be the executor of the deceased freeholders of my leasehold maisonette. Have never receive ground rent request for payment for any of the years I have owned the property or has the other maisonette in my building.
          They are now requesting...
          16-08-2022, 00:30 AM
        • Reply to Sale of Freehold - Tax to Pay
          by Gordon999
          Here is my rough understanding of your situation :

          1. Your purchase of the limited company for £17K in 2017 was probably entered in the company's accounts as funded by a "director's personal loan".

          2. The limited company received £14K for granting...
          16-08-2022, 19:09 PM
        • Right To Pass and Re-Pass (Not to Obstruct)
          by LondonCalling
          I am the owner/occupier of a leasehold first floor flat in a converted property consisting of two flats. The freeholder owns and is the occupier of the ground floor leasehold flat. There is a passageway/right of way from the road along the side of the building to my ground floor front door entrance....
          16-08-2022, 16:26 PM
        • What constitutes ‘development’ in a leasehold
          by SouthernDave
          I’ve seen this question come up before, but I couldn’t find a topic specific to this question;
          we have bought a leasehold flat which needs major work. I have submitted drawings to the freeholder for their permission to put up a wall and make a new door way, BUT…
          changing the kitchen...
          15-08-2022, 16:50 PM
        • Reply to What constitutes ‘development’ in a leasehold
          by Gordon999
          If the wording in the lease does not state the boiler belongs to the lessor ( freeholder), then you can replace it without seeking consent from freeholder. Sometimes replacing old boiler may be a necessity if spare parts are no longer sold.

          If you believe consent is required for boiler...
          16-08-2022, 16:07 PM
        • Reply to Ground rent arrears from executor
          by Gordon999
          Ash72 is correct. Ground rent in arrears can only be recovered for last 6 years. The GR must be demanded and served with proper notice by the freeholder or agent or executor , otherwise payment is not due ( and you can refuse to pay interest) .

          How many years remaining on the lease...
          16-08-2022, 15:27 PM
        • Reply to What constitutes ‘development’ in a leasehold
          by Section20z
          In 40 years I have never been asked for consent to move a boiler but if a new flue hole was being made I would expect to be asked...
          16-08-2022, 13:23 PM