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    I am a freeholder/lessee and I am in discussions about buying into our managing agents company and becoming an equal share director. Would I have to declare my position to the other freeholders/lessees even though I will not be managing the property itself?

    many thanks

    You should inform the other leaseholders because it is a conflict of interest, you stand to benefit if the agent remains appointed. If you are a member of a Company, check the Articles to see whether or not you have the right to vote. It would be good practice anyway to abstain when voting on the reappointment of the agent,


      Many thanks. I appreciate the conflict of interest issue. We are not a company.


        I tend to think that people already known that they should inform the leaseholders when they ask questions like this.

        Any leaseholder who isn't intending to fleece the leaseholders in their property already knows that they need to be open and honest.


          Thank you for your comment. The situation is a bit more complicated than it would first appear as one of the leaseholders is in breach of his lease and has done thousands of pounds worth of damage and is refusing to rectify the situation. The other freeholders and I are trying to find a way of putting the house in order without going to court.


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          • Freehold confusion
            by davetg
            30 years ago I bought a flat from a friend. The freehold at the time was registered to my friend and the lady who owned the other flat. I understood at the time that I would replace the friend on the freehold but this never happened. This was not a problem until now as when work on the structure of...
            24-05-2022, 14:29 PM
          • Reply to Freehold confusion
            by sgclacy
            Your friend may not have to have his ID confirmed as the consideration will be far less than £5,000 and if he did form ID5 makes life a lot easier as it can be done via a video link...
            24-05-2022, 19:59 PM
          • Section 20
            by Anna1985
            So the lease allows for the property to be kept in good condition.
            Thus, the shared hall could be spruced up no problem, but there is an issue with driveway - partially it belongs to the freeholder, partially to the ground floor leaseholder - it is made out of the old paving stones, it looks...
            22-05-2022, 21:03 PM
          • Reply to Section 20
            by Anna1985
            3, it feasible but we have already enforce the lease via small claims process, due to failure to pay for upkeep.
            so, we would be going again but just really need to understand what is allowable and what is not...
            24-05-2022, 18:56 PM
          • Old managing agents accounts
            by jazzythumper
            Since obtaining the RTM and changing the managing agent, we have never been given full accounts / receipts for the previous year(s). We believe that as the old freeholder and leaser holder of one of the flats were represented by the same solicitor that prior to the sale of the freehold, we were subsidising...
            20-05-2022, 11:21 AM
          • Reply to Old managing agents accounts
            by jazzythumper
            So the only statement we have shows, the significant arrears of the aforementioned leaseholder, the only accounts we have ever received at handover were the balances and arrears of each leaseholder. This was never accounted for against actual costs. I presume we should have had this information. Can...
            24-05-2022, 16:27 PM
          • Reply to Freehold confusion
            by davetg
            Thanks for the reply - both flats have separate 999 year leases so i guess the freehold is of little value. I will look in to TR1.

            I have always insured my flat separately and assumed the other flat was doing the same - is this a problem?...
            24-05-2022, 14:48 PM
          • Reply to Old managing agents accounts
            by jazzythumper
            Thanks, I’m not sure that has been provided, if it hasn’t can we force them to produce this?

            Would it be a simple case of sending a letter with a timescale to respond and if not received followed by the magistrates route?...
            24-05-2022, 14:39 PM
          • Reply to Freehold confusion
            by Section20z
            1.He will need to sign a TR1 and transfer title to you but it really needs to be done through a solicitor or land registry won't be happy with his ID.
            2. If you have a separate lease on your flat then freehold is not worth much, if not then it's worth what the flats worth at least .
            3. Cost...
            24-05-2022, 14:37 PM
          • Reply to Share of feehold/shared service charges?
            by Stu1020
            Thank you for the response Macromia this is a useful conversation.

            I can see why the current proportion might be justified, I have been paying 38% towards the buildings insurance the last 4/5 years. However, my dispute is now arising because we are unable to move forward with existing covenants,...
            24-05-2022, 08:55 AM