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    I am a freeholder/lessee and I am in discussions about buying into our managing agents company and becoming an equal share director. Would I have to declare my position to the other freeholders/lessees even though I will not be managing the property itself?

    many thanks

    You should inform the other leaseholders because it is a conflict of interest, you stand to benefit if the agent remains appointed. If you are a member of a Company, check the Articles to see whether or not you have the right to vote. It would be good practice anyway to abstain when voting on the reappointment of the agent,


      Many thanks. I appreciate the conflict of interest issue. We are not a company.


        I tend to think that people already known that they should inform the leaseholders when they ask questions like this.

        Any leaseholder who isn't intending to fleece the leaseholders in their property already knows that they need to be open and honest.


          Thank you for your comment. The situation is a bit more complicated than it would first appear as one of the leaseholders is in breach of his lease and has done thousands of pounds worth of damage and is refusing to rectify the situation. The other freeholders and I are trying to find a way of putting the house in order without going to court.


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            I’ve managed to get the refund from the previous insurers, which is good, over £1,000 that we wouldn’t have had otherwise in our funds.
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            The Articles require a quorum for the board and shareholders, one of the directors sold their flat...I was not aware and find out months later that the director has been acting on their own then a new shareholder came onboard and again did not know that he had been appointed a director.They wont call...
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            @sglacy - The works the notice has been served for are part of a cyclical decoration programme on the wider estate and there was no way to foresee any works being planned without being made aware of the notices or plans of works. It might have been evident to the vendor but not to me. The point is...
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            I could do with some guidance if anyone has any knowledge on this.

            I have a 100 year old flat that was split from a larger building in 2000 and has a 999 year lease, it is next door to a commercial premises.

            The only way to get to my flat is across their...
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            The Lease..........

            (20.05.1997) By a Conveyance of the land in this title and other land dated 15 July 1977 made between (1) xxx (Vendor) and (2) xxxx (Purchaser) the land was conveyed subject as follows:-

            Subject to all existing rights and privileges in the nature of easements...
            18-05-2022, 09:18 AM
          • Reply to Neighbour Dispute over Bins
            by royw
            Can't you leave them on the road for collection?
            18-05-2022, 08:43 AM
          • Reply to Recurrent leaks from flat upstairs
            by JK0
            Do you have insurance for the contents? Maybe there is loss of rent cover included there.
            18-05-2022, 06:11 AM