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    Unfortunately, it's not the FTT it's the County Court. That will cost an awful lot of money. Unfortunately, the only people who can make them do the repairs on their garages are the leaseholders who are benefited, i.e those with adjoining roofs. I can only do that if the man cave next to mine causes problems and so far it hasn't. The one at the back of my garage is owned by someone who also owns a very rundown, almost looking derelict house, nearby. I think she has gone back to Zimbabwe. The other side is my neighbour.

    However, I feel we are close to a settlement. Their solicitor is as bad as the freeholder. It took him eight months to pass on a message which was really quite short. Now, I am waiting again. He said a week ago "I have just returned to the offices after a two week break and am currently ploughing my may through a number of emails in priority. I confirm that I have received a response from ... and will revert to you as soon as possible."

    From an outsider's point of view it must seem unbelievable!


      I wrote to my roofer on 10 Jan but have had no reply. On Thursday my son went up to get better pictures. They show that the rubber has flapped right back and needs re-fixing. I wrote to him again on Friday but haven't had a reply. I am worried he is going to say it's wind damage but surely, with a 30 year guarantee he should do it anyway. It's only ten months old. Will he reply at all, will I end up going to the Trading Standards people?

      The insurance on the garages is no good as the excess is £350 for storm damage..


        I don't think you'll hear from your roofer, Naomi. I refer you to what I said before.

        Originally posted by JK0 View Post
        Come on Naomi. Even if you get your roofer to come back, he's only going to bodge it enough to last a few months. (Flashband is a bodge.)
        Whatever he does will be done grudgingly, even if you get trading standards involved. Do you really want him to come back to do more of the same?

        As before, the roofs need all doing at once.
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          I'm afraid there is not the slightest chance that the roofs will all be done at once so that one's out. Although the flats are managed well, the garages never have been. The other garages in that block of six are owned by the freeholder. With him, it's a case of 'I won't do anything unless I can get the money back'. He maintains that the garages are demised to the lessees, walls, roofs, the lot.

          The actual roofer didn't do the work, two other men came and did it. What is the guarantee worth? If, when I ring him, he says it's storm damage or not covered by the guarantee, what can I do?


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            Can't you leave them on the road for collection?
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            Do you have insurance for the contents? Maybe there is loss of rent cover included there.
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            This is the important question, what are the reasons for non payment?

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            The RTM can make a money claim online but as this enquiry concerns service charges the lessee will have the right to have the service charges determined unless already agreed. Depending upon the lessee's response to the claim, the County Court may refer the claim to the FTT.

            What are the...
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            Thanks for your response.

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