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    Lease contract

    I have only just discovered that my lease does not contain two paragraphs which are in the other leaseholders contracts, would this be a solicitor conveyancing mistake and how to best resolve as obviously I don't want to accept anything which is prejudicial against my interests, do we we need a lease variation and how can werely on which contract now?

    What is the subject matter of the missing paragraphs


      it is to do with service charges in the sixth schedule making payments ...I shall get hold of the paragraph and quote it on here thanks


        Your lease is what it is. The fact that it differs may be irrelevant -- but it depends on what you are talking about exactly and whether the lease makes sense without the paragraphs. Maybe you don't need to pay service charges??


          As Andrew says, what is in your lease ilefar more important than what might have been left out.

          The different leases within a block don't necessarily have to all be the same, so it may be that you can just ignore whatever those paragraphs say.

          On the other hand, it may depend on whether the paragraphs have obviously been omitted from your lease in error.
          Is it just your copy of the lease that doesn’t have the paragraphs? What about the copy held by the land registry?
          Does your lease make any reference to the missing paragraphs?


            What was intended between the parties when the lease was drawn up and what has happened since you became a party to the lease are also relevant factors.


              Pending seeing what the missing clauses say:

              It looks like a mistake in the preparation of the lease document for signature. That would be unusual today, but entirely possible in the days before word processors when every lease had to be typed out individually.

              Subject as mentioned in the next paragraph, the mere fact that one lease is different from all the others in a development is not on its own a justification for changing it. If both the current landlord and tenant are the original parties to the lease, then either can apply for rectification on the grounds that the lease does not reflect what was agreed. In any other case rectification is not available. It them may come down to whether the lease makes sense without the missing clauses.

              In certain cases an application can be made to the tribunal to vary a lease as set out in Part IV of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.


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                Does a leaseholder have to be a registered proprietor to join a collective? Or is it sufficient for her/his/it to be a transferee whose interest is not yet registered?
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              • Reply to collective enfranchisement
                by sgclacy
                I think I have found the answer:-

                Hague - Leasehold Enfranchisement (seventh edition) at 24-01

                It is considered that to be a participating tenant, the lessee must be registered at the HM Land Registry as proprietor of the lease at the relevant date

                The note...
                22-05-2022, 21:37 PM
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                So the lease allows for the property to be kept in good condition.
                Thus, the shared hall could be spruced up no problem, but there is an issue with driveway - partially it belongs to the freeholder, partially to the ground floor leaseholder - it is made out of the old paving stones, it looks...
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                Thanks, how would I do that, what evidence would I need to provide?...
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                Since obtaining the RTM and changing the managing agent, we have never been given full accounts / receipts for the previous year(s). We believe that as the old freeholder and leaser holder of one of the flats were represented by the same solicitor that prior to the sale of the freehold, we were subsidising...
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              • Building works & S20 process
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                Hi. I have a freehold after selling a leasehold flat in a block of 4 flats. We don't currently have a managing agent, so these duties currently fall to me (I am holding off appointing a managing agent whilst the leaseholders consider whether they want to RTM).

                The block needs some maintenance...
                21-05-2022, 17:20 PM
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                What if something goes wrong ? You need a surveyor to safeguard your interests. There are some untrustworthy roofers, and other trades.
                It is better to follow standard procedures. From experience I would not follow informal routes. O.K when everyone reasonable and cooperative but things can...
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                by RichA
                If the work is 'contracted' by the leaseholders rather than the freeholder does that remove the requirement for a S20?

                eg if the 4x leaseholders wish to accept a quote and get the works done (including making payment) does this avoid S20 consultation?
                22-05-2022, 18:51 PM
              • Reply to collective enfranchisement
                by sgclacy
                I think the new lessee is unable to join because of the registration gap


                the lessees predecessor who is holding the property on trust of course for the new lessee until the registration is complete...
                22-05-2022, 06:15 AM
              • Reply to collective enfranchisement
                by flyingfreehold
                at risk of answering my own question, the leaseholder has to prove title which is a bit difficult if not registered........
                21-05-2022, 21:23 PM