Leaseholders with no information on the residential association accounts.

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    You have the right to inspect documents and to obtain copies of those documents, the MA is entitled to make a reasonable charge for copying them.

    It is up to the directors to decide how they approve accounts, they can delegate to one director if they wish or they can approve by a majority decision, whatever they agree should be recorded in the directors' minutes. A leaseholder should make his objections known for the directors to consider. A leaseholder can always challenge the costs if he wishes.


      Thanks for the replies.

      We've had a chat among leaseholders and we want to remove the director that is abusing his powers and does not give us access to all information we request.

      Yesterday we had another AGM to explain enormous charges that were imposed on us by the MA and he kinda tried to avoid any questions as much as he could. When we told him that by majority decision on last AGM (which we have minutes of) we decided to be authorised on all aspects of the dealing with this MA to which he responded he does not agree to that and won't be giving us all access. We start to think he has some business in not giving out this information...

      We are really fed up with his responses and unwillingness to act upon majority decisions.

      Could someone please give list of steps needed to remove the director? I think we need to file a document to Companies House at the very least to appoint a new director (2 directors at minimum at any given time) and remove him.

      Let me know your thoughts.



        I have suggested you look at the RICS Residentail Management Code v. 3 which every MAs must to comply .

        You can find online and print the relevant section ( about providing annual accounts to leaseholders.) to show to the MA .


          Thank you for information.

          However we, the leaseholders, are more interested in removing the director at this stage and appointing a new one.

          Would you know the steps?


            The process was given in #23 & #24.

            But you will need other shareholders/members willing to volunteer to be directors.


              You need to vote in new directors and get them registered at Companies House first .

              1. 5% members of a small company can call a meeting to vote in new directors but the organiser must give atleast 21 days notice before meeting day. ..

              The meeting agenda ( purpose) : For election of new director .

              First proposal : Mr Jack Lemon ( leaseholder flat 3) Proposer by Peter Hill Seconder by Pat Johnson .

              Second Proposal : Mr Andrew Folga ( Leasehold flat 2 ) Proposer by John Apple Seconder by Pat Johnson.

              Third Proposal : Mrs Pat Johnson ( Leaseholder flat 6 )

              Fourth Proposal : Ms.

              Fifth Proposal : Mr.

              Note : 1. All applicants to become director must be leaseholders of flats at ( address )

              2. The meeting chairman will be the Director or if not available, Mr Andrew Folga.


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                Can't you leave them on the road for collection?
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                Do you have insurance for the contents? Maybe there is loss of rent cover included there.
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                This is the important question, what are the reasons for non payment?

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                Are the landlord obligations under the lease being carried out?

                Have service charge end of year accounts...
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                Is the CPO a freeholder or leaseholder of the land?

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                The RTM can make a money claim online but as this enquiry concerns service charges the lessee will have the right to have the service charges determined unless already agreed. Depending upon the lessee's response to the claim, the County Court may refer the claim to the FTT.

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