Leak to downstairs from my bathroom

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    Leak to downstairs from my bathroom


    A couple of weeks ago, my neighbour downstairs told me there was a leak from our family bathroom to theirs. It seemed it was only happening when we used the toilet, so we stopped using that toilet right away. I also notified my landlord right away. My landlord is very slow in responding as he is very elderly. He had a hard time finding a plumber (he is a bit picky). I tried to expedite the process by suggesting some reputable plumbers, but he said he said he wanted to go with someone he knows personally. He called several plumbers, and we even set a date and time for them to visit, but they didn't show up. Long story short, it's now more than a month, and still, we are waiting for the plumber to come just this week. Meanwhile, I was not using the family bathroom (which is kind of inconvenient) and had been heavily busy communicating with the neighbour downstairs (and tolerating his naggings), my landlord, and different plumbers.

    Today, I had a dispute with the neighbour downstairs. In a very unfriendly manner, he told me it's my responsibility to take some actions asap. I told him I feel you, but you shouldn't see it as my fault as it's not my legal responsibility, but my landlord's. And I am doing everything in my power to sort this out asap to help you, but I feel you do not appreciate my efforts. I told him that the bottom line is that if your unhelpful attitude continues, I need to ask you to contact my landlord and plumber directly and sort it out directly among yourself.

    Is what I said legally correct? There wasn't anything I could do that I didn't, and I kind of find it disrespectful to instead of appreciating my efforts I have to stand his somewhat rude behaviour. After all, it's my landlord responsibility to deal with these kinds of stuff, not mine.


    If the leak into flat below, is continuing even without your flushing the toilet for one month , the leak may be from the hot water tank .

    One month is a long time without anyone coming to make repair the leak. .


      I have been waiting for two years for a plumber to come - keep waiting in and they dont show up , it seems to be a common problem.
      they are using 'covid' as an excuse,

      I would keep pestering your landlord, if you cannot use your bathroom its sort of very urgent


        It seems the leak is happening on and off, and only when we flush the toilet.

        I am right that it's my landlord's responsibility to sort this out and not me? If that's the case, I prefer not to get myself involved more than this, rather, leave it to my landlord and the neighbour to solve it between themselves. I'm fed up with trying to please all sides and eventually being accused of not being responsible enough.


          But is it your problem at all? I think you've done enough and now a landlord have to take all responsibility.


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